Wednesday Dec 13th, 2000
EPCOT!!! *
**what is pamela's favorite of the 4 parks at WDW??

Well, we needed to go to Epcot, so we could see the World Showcase sober.. So that is what Sean told me.. as we were coming to Epcot on Thursday to do a "drinking around the world" and "desserts around the world" tour with friends Chris (Lord Neikon the Toonfinder) and Jen (Milady of Disney).  Jen & I were tp do the dessert tour and the guys would do the drinking.. See, I am NOT a lush! <g>

First place we stopped of course was to Innoventions so we could say hello to Art... a California pal who now lives & works in Orlando..

 Art in his work environment.. gosh he looks happy! =)

Over in World Showcase they make up for not having a 100 thousand Meet & Greets, I guess by having the big tour bus roll through  (personally I think there are WAY too many meet n greets.. my favorites are the surprise characters you meet in Epcot.. you'll see...)

 Here's the busload of characters..

We started in Mexico and headed clockwise.. We rode El Rio de Tiempo.. (didn't find Paragon!) then went over to Norway and looked inside the wonderful well had a little snack..

mmmm  food
sean thinks i've gone mad photographing the food..
(sweet pretzel, cinnemon roll, and Norway Coffee)

At China we saw the film..

 Sean outside the gate in China..

 the model train town of Fussen..(near Neuschwantstein & the Romantic Road) really neat models!!

 checking out Tapestry of Nations on a dry day!

 ..that VOICE! and a closeup of one of the drummers

 a corner of Morocco I liked..

 In England.. St Nicholas rings his bell.. yes, I KNOW he's wearing GREEN!

father christmas
Father Christmas tells the English story of Christmas..
 (yep, that's definitely green)

We went to Millenium Village.. and not wanting to take the same photos I took last year.. I tried my best not to, but it seems I have my favorites!!!

 it's Christmas in Sweden.. er.. St Lucia, I should say! =)

a snowman in florida
My honey Sean makes the sacred pilgramage to our friend the snowman...
(WINTER in Sweden)

I love the Sweden exhibit!! There.. I said it!! Sigh...

the winter egg of sweden
The WINTER egg of Sweden..(where the snowman is located)
and some huge COKE bottles on display near the foodcourt

Well, this is about it.. I tried to take some photos in Canada (yes, I LOVE Canada!!!) but they came out too dark.. so  I would have to wait another day to get my wonderful photos.. We saw the movie there, of course, despite how old it is (it's really not as bad as Norway's film with it's bellbottoms and giant computers..) and we had a beaver tail of course! (the apple cinnemon one of course!)

It was running late by the time we left.. and we had another full day at Epcot planned for the next day..

Thursday, Dec 14th, 2000, Touring the World of Beer 

 SPVMCP 2000

 RADP meets

*yeah.. we keep going back.. every day....
**Disney Studios of course!!! =)