Friday Dec 15th, 2000
Epcot & ENG..(the last official RADP meet)

photo coming soon
a lovely view in the morning..

            Well, first thing we did was head out to Epcot where we had a yummy breakfast at the Electric Umbrella... the whole upstairs to ourselves!!!  We ate a pretty good egg bagel (thats what I had anyway..with sausage)  and thought about how the week went.. Recalling all the fun we had and all the people we got to meet and those we got to see again.. I especially thought of Ronnie & Paragon and wondered if we would get to do the "Paragon Challenge" before we left.. Nope.  Well we were in Ninja mode this morning to do the things we hadn't done.. So we saw "Ellen's Energy Adventure" and rode "Test Track" with a fastpass then headed out we had a meet to host!  =)

photo coming soon
you can't see his sign but it says "Fifty Percentile Man".. sniffle.. sniffle...

photo coming soon
Sean says "this is where we get off"
(notice the ad behind his head??)

            We drove over to Downtown Disney where we went to the fountain between the AMC and the Planet Hollywood where we were planning to meet everyone (little did I realize there were 2 fountains in that area, I was later told).

            We first met up with JudiLew and Beth E. and the four of us went over to Wolfgang Express (the wait at Bongo's was too long.. at least 40 minutes!) and had a quick lunch.  Sean & I shared the chicken and garlic mashed potatoes.. (mmmmmm.... garlic mashed potatoes....drooooool....)

            We headed back  and checked to see who was where.. the movie was starting later than I would have liked, and it turns out.. we were in "the wrong theatre" THX for us!  Well, mistake number 2, I assumed that the first show would be the mega stereo one.. As it was, I didn't miss it really.. Hopefully no one else did either..

photo coming soon
here's the gang.. Bruce (who had to work that day, so only stopped by to say hey)
and Sean, Mike (Jan's hubby), JudyLew, and Beth E.
(also of course Marta & Jan attended..they are in the background buying tickets!)

photo coming soon
before heading to work.. Marta & Bruce smile before parting
(Bruce had MVMCP to work through!)

photo coming soon
a not-so-good photo of the movie standee...

Saturday at MK.. the last chance parade...

 SPVMCP 2000

 RADP meets