Sunday Dec 17th, 2000
(waterwheel day..)

First thing we did on Sunday after packing and saying "So Long" to our Resort.... look for food.. First we thought we would have brunch at Cape May (but it was after 1130 by the time we parked)... Then we thought "what about the character meal at the Land??"  So we walked over there from the Yacht/Beach Club...

the land
it's The Land!!! =)  Hakuna Matata!

Well, we decided not to have a meal here.. it was too crowded and the menu suddenly didn't appeal to me.. (funny, the day before when I wasn't hungry it sounded good..)  So we walked back to the World Showcase.  Suffice to say I was starving by this time.. so steak at Le Cellier wasn't going to cut it for me.. (har har) anyways.. I don't eat steak usually...  So we went to Germany!! =)

 Sean outside the Biergarten

 ..the Band played on.. about 3 times..    (we ate sloooooowwwww....)
 ..the waterwheel..

 ..the view as we waddle out of Germany ok I waddled.. not Sean...

 the wonderful trains...

 another view.. the opposite side

 the farmer (next to the truck) passes out when he sees what those pesky "aliens" did to his wheat field

Ok.. so it was time to go!! We straggled by the train too long, so we wouldn't do our customary last shop at the World of Disney.. but... we did have time to check out that wonderful Dixie Landings Resort we keep hearing wonderful things about!!!  (too bad the #@! corporate types want to consolodate it...)

Dixie Landings tree
the tree in the lobby of DxL

 a wreath at Colonel's Cotton Mill (the really NICE foodcourt!)

 Sean by the water wheel behind the foodcourt

Flying Over Lake Ponchatrain at sunset
flying over Lake Ponchartrain.. (New Orleans..)

 SPVMCP 2000

 RADP meets