Thursday Dec 14th 2000
Drinking around the World..Showcase
(and other fun photos)

            OK.. so the day started.. and first thing..
Plush enjoy our bed this is how we found the plush the night before (Wednesday..) the only time when the housekeeping played with my plushies...  from left is : Bunny Bunny, Biscuit Meeko, Humphrey the Bear, and in the front is Brer Bunny and October Birthstone Minnie..  They never tried again.. (I hear they liked to be tipped every day.. hmmmm...)

            Well, we headed out the door and went to Epcot on our wonderful bus.. We met Chris & Jen at FountainView Cafe.. where I had some food (see trip report) and then we started out on our quest.. It turns out that Jen & Chris had a bad dining experience Wednesday, when they too, were out & about in Epcot.. (they said it was Alfredo's that did, it.. but no, they had not lab tests to prove it).

            The dessert tour included the 4 of us sharing a maple & chocolate Beaver Tail (too sweet! I'll stick to the apple & cinnemon, thanks!).. the rest of the time, I carried the video camera while Sean & Chris drank a beer at each country. By the time we got to England though, Jenn was very weak and sick. She had been throwing up since the day before and only seemed to be getting worse....  So we stopped at the International Gateway and picked up a wheelchair for her..

Chris and Jen
here's Chris & Jen...

            Sean & Chris toured through 5 countries: Canada,France,England, Morocco, and Japan..  In Japan, Jenn was feeling quite ill and not looking very well at all.. I wondered if we shouldn't get her to a hospital..but instead they decided to head back to the hotel.. Sean & I were needing a nap, so we head back as well.

            A couple good things to consider I guess, is that despite Jen's sickness, it was good to be with them relaxing in the Disney way we're accustomed to at Disneyland.. relaxed! (no, not drinking beer!) We took it easy.. and we would have most likely taken 2 days to do the beer tour anyway.. The only difference is the 2nd day is put off til next year..and hopefully that is when Jen & I can do our dessert tour..(trust me the apple beaver tail is good!!!)  Also Chris got some PRIME character time at the International Gateway. =)

        On our way back.. I got photos of my favorite Official Pavillion...

outside the Canada pavillion   outside the Canada Pavillion....

another view of the Canada pavillion
                                            and another view..

and now a moment to consider "Mecca"..for the pin traders that is..

yet another photo of Pin Central
..starting to wonder how many photos of Pin central I took...

monorail view from Leave a Legacy graveyard
the monorail glides through what I started calling "the graveyard".. sorry.. but don't ya think??

Calypso at All Star Music
our resort.. the Calypso Building at ASMu
(All Star Music)

plush in our window
after we got back to the Resort this is how I found the plushies (I set them out like this in the morning.. ) Bunny seems to be looking down at the pennies some kids threw at the window....

We rested and then we went out to what may be our favorite hangout for food.. Beaches n Cream!  We had to park in the Yacht/Beach Club Parking.. the guy there didn't seem to care, unlike the other time when we were quized where we were going and how long we would be there. We just told him we were having dinner and he just handed us a pass for 10pm.  =)

Beach Club Christmas tree
this was taken at the Beach Club.. Pretty!

           Our favorite CM wasn't working that night.. and it was a little crowded.. We got sat at the counter again..but closer to the door where I could see all the "to go" orders come and go.. so much ice cream! and none for me!  =)

yummy Lime Rickey
Sean has his Lime Rickey.. which I've never seen before..
(hey, I don't get out much, ok??)

mmmmm, Burgers Our dinner.. cheeseburgers.. Sean's with yummy onion rings and mine with fries.. YES they were good!!  Definitely worth coming back for more..and maybe next time we'll get ice cream! =)

            Sorry I don't have more photos for today.. I was filming most the day.. So I have that and maybe we'll make a "Mega Tape" to show folks at the next RADP meet..

            After dinner.. we just headed back to the hotel and did laundry.. I didn't take photos of the laundry room, sorry..but maybe next year! =)

Next Up.. Friday at.. EPCOT! (stuff we missed)
Emperor's New Groove! =)

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