December 9th, 2000
LIB Meet at the Wonders of Life

Epcot Spaceship Earth (with Pin Central in foreground)

The LIB (Loin Inspection Board) was on a mission.. We needed to be at Epcot to see the 330pm show at the Wonders of Life Pavillion.  The show starred a couple of really interresting characters.. Dr. Tony and Male Nurse Danny.  Here's the show...

 Here they are.. Dr. Tony & Nurse Danny.. er.. that's MALE Nurse Danny!

 Male Nurse Danny lshows everyone how well he can juggle things..

Having taken a volunteer from the audience (you got to wonder if this was fixed!) Dr Tony & Male Nurse Danny show what stress does to people.. and how laughter can relieve it.  First.. they take their volunteer, Keith and have him....

 performing pushups... now what was the count again??

 And now.. let's juggle pins VERY close to Keith's head without knocking his hat off.. OOPS!

I suppose the juggling was to give the volunteer stress and the audience some laughter.. Well, we had a good time and we sure did laugh!!!  Poor Keith.. you know.. I saw him briefly the next day at MK, but thought better than to go up & introduce myself.. (would hate to bring back those horrible memories!)  Speaking of which.. Sean has it all on tape!  <g>

    And now for the certification!!!

 Paragon presents the Certifications and Ronnie presents the LIB bears!

 Confused, yet proud to be so honored... Male Nurse Danny & Dr. Tony smile for the adoring crowd!

And now.. off to the lunch at the Electric Umbrella, a quick stop at the RADP V pin meet at 5pm.....

Janine checks out whats being traded as the
Master Pin Trader's discuss the latest in Pin talk

 Off to Camp MiniMeeko Campfire Singalong

 SPVMCP 2000

 RADP meets
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