Monday December 11th, 2000
Disney Studios Rock n Roller Coaster & Tower of Terror Meets
KMT Illuminations Dessert Meet

            Monday had us coming to the Dissney Studios.. At noon was the RnR coaster & ToT meet.. We went to the park, and met up with our RADP pals...  Sean & I didn't get any souvenir photos.. so we can't show you how much fun we had on the rides...  here is the group photo though that appeared on Ronnie's page.. (once again I didn't pass the camera up quick enough!)

in front of rock n roller coaster
Sean & I are wearing the Splash tees we got the day before at the Splash Meet!

            Sean & I stopped by the Pizza Planet to check out the theming.. It was kind of cute.. both nothing spectacular.. I like the outside... with the large Toy Story Icons...

pizza planet
here's the Pizza Planet.. with outside seating.. see Buzz's packaging on the right??

            Sean & I went in.. and used the bathroom there.. I looked at the menu but it didn't have anything that really made me want to eat there..

sean on the radio
here's Sean radioing me his current location...

            Sean & I took the backlot tour.. I can't remember if we did this back in 99 or not.. but what the heck, we did it again... I couldn't take any really good photos from the bus, so for the most part I didn't bother.. Here's one though:

walt disney airplane
here's Walt Disney's personal airplane
(oh look it's a subtle advertising ploy for the new animated feature!)

            After visiting with folks.. we ran into Rob,Rachel, Kevin.. and a few others during the day.. had lunch and rode Star Tours..  then checked out a few things on our own (including the Backlot Tour)... We headed out of the park.  We planned to meet up with Rob at around 7pm for the Tapestry of Nations Parade (which we'd never seen yet!) and then we would all go to the special KMT Illuminations Meet...  But first, Sean thought we would get a little treat first...

delores, our waitress
Delores, our waitress CM at Beaches n Cream..
Sean had the strawberry Shake, and I had the Rootbeer Float

            Since we took her picture she insisted taking ours!

here we are
Pamela & Sean.. (I think Sean is admiring my black nailpolish!)

            Well, it was looking a little spooky out when we left Beaches & Cream... but we headed over to the International Gateway.. The sky broke open & the rain came down just as we got to the entrance gates.  A group of elderly ladies in line in front of us turned around and left.. "we can do this another time" I heard one lady say..Hmm! Lucky them!  Well, Sean & I hoped for the best and went in!

            We scampered about, but got soaked!  We found Rob waiting for us in England and we waited..and about quarter after 7pm.. the parade started without any anouncement!  It had stopped raining for the time being, but halfway through it starting raining cats & dogs!!

tapestry in the rain
          though it was raining.. and they were dripping wet..
they were still in good show!

            It rained & rained & rained!! We got soaked through.. but we stayed and applauded every last Puppeteer and Drummer.. they sure appreciated it!!  Because of the rain we got front row standing area to watch all 4 parades pass by into the gate.  It was wonderful!!! Well worth getting drowned like a rat...

        The only problem..  we were still wet when we went to the KMT Illuminations Meet.. despite having gone to Japan for dinner in a nice dry place!   =)

        We were admitted to the Illuminations Meet.. where we got nametags and met up with several other RADPers.  We had some sweet wine and some yummy make-it-yerself strawberry shortcake!

ice sculpture
a really cool 2000 ice sculpture as centerpiece of the dessert table...

            Here you can see the scrumptious biscuits and strawberries.. and super thick whipped cream (not pictured).. There was also fruit and cookies, which I was too full to try after the strawberries! (dang!)

the glowing globe sad attempt to photograph the giant pulsating globe...

Next up... Tuesday December 12th 2000....
Adventures in Ft Wilderness with Pamela's Dad.. touring some Deluxe Resorts..

Celebration & the AC....Stay Tuned for more coming soon!!

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