Saturday Dec 16th, 2000
Last Chance MK day!!!

            We started Saturday at Tony's for breakfast.. It was no problem to get PS the night before! We had a long day ahead of us.. after we got caught up at MK.. we planned to squeeze in the Osborne Lights at Disney-MGM and then meet Rob& Keith (and possibly Fudgie & Rachel) at the Poly for dinner! =)  Lets get started...

lady and the tramp
The window at Tony's Town Square...

 Inside the Magic Kingdom RR Station... (no Zazu!) =(

 passing by the Tomorrowland Speedway.. hosted by the Indy 500

cinderella castle
the castle.. from tomorrowland entrance...

 Topiaries in front of the Castle.. at the hub!

 Chip n Dale at the hub... I have a similar photo at DL, so figured I should take one here..

            Next we had  to get a ride on the keelboats.. they aren't at Disneyland for some time, and they weren't running last year at MK.. so a MUST RIDE!!  Too bad we got on soooo soon... the guy we had was new.. and still learning English, I guess.. He kept losing his place,had trouble with most of the speil and it seemed that he couldn't evan read the script phonetically.. I feel bad for him.. but I sure wish we had a different CM..

keel boat landing
it's supposed to say "Reliable Shipping of Freight.. Roundtrip Sightseeing...
Inquire Within.. Mike Fink prop." I artificially darkened it,but it didn't help!

 ..passing the Indian Village

 the Haunted Mansion looms above our keelboat..

 Harpers Ferry (a waterwheel!)

liberty square
Liberty Square (where we met for the MVMCP fireworks on the 8th)

 Stray Cat in Liberty Square...

            Catching the MVMCP parade in the day!!! Another "Must See"

 Brer Rabbit... on the Ferry Boat

 Toy Story float...

 Bullseye in the daytime!!

 ancient Soldiers still cranking the music out..

 Mrs Santa telling us how busy her hubby's been...

 Dale bends over for some loose change...

 On to the Osborne Family Light Spectacular at the Studios...

 SPVMCP 2000

 RADP meets
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