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Saturday Dec 16th, 2000
Dinner at the Poly!!!

           Sean & I scooted over to the Poly on the bus from the Disney Studios.. We got there in plenty of time to look around a little and then meet up with Rob & Keith.. and Peter (Fudgie!) and Rachel!!!  hurray!  =)

photo coming soon
a really washed out photo of Rob & Keith..
guess I was sitting too close!!

photo coming soon
Fudgie plays with his umbrellas.. form of.. a geodesic dome.. sort of!

photo coming soon
Rachel & Fudgie looking so dang cute!!! =)

photo coming soon
awww.. things coulndn't look any cosier than in a "mouse"...

photo coming soon
the gang walks the pier.. Sean,Fudgie,Rachel,Rob & Keith!
(photo by Pamela of course!)

photo coming soon
...a not-so-hidden Mickey on the floor of the Poly lobby

photo coming soon
Rob gets in touch with his innner Mickey energy!

 On to Sunday.. the last day of the trip.. sniffle.. Epcot & DxL Resort hopping!

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