Sunday Dec 10th 2000
Epcot Illuminations Cruise
(and the AC Meet)

the EPCOT fountain
dancing fountain at Epcot... I can just hear that Christmas music,evan now! =)

        Well, after a wonderful fun-filled day at MK and a nice nap.. we headed off to Epcot for the Illuminations Cruise.. We planned to dress up like Pirates along with a couple other "Troll Barges"... The name of our boat however, was the Mr Smeeeko of course!!!  =)

        First thing we did though, was get our eCard at Innoventions! =)

our EPCOT postcard
here we are... in our special Pirate Shirts.. (be got done up later)

                     Well, we took our bag of stuff.. costumes and cookies.. and special prize on over to the Yacht Club Lighthouse... I had gotten a special little plush Meeko off eBay & Kali (of Kali River Rapids fame and others..) had made a wonderful costume for him.. I thought it would be fun to raffle him off on our boat.. Keeping in the spirit of pirates and all...

Here's Sean in his Pirate garb.. holding our special pal, Pirate Meeko (as Randy looks on)

 Here's Pirate Randy posing by his chest of ill-gotten booty.. <har har!>

 Here's Zazu and Passporter Dave.. both have gotten into the spirit of things! (um.. a duck Bruce?)

arrrr, our Pirate boat
Just a few of the folks on our boat.. (from left: Sean,Chris (aka:Lord Neikon the Toonfinder),
Jen (Milady), and Peter (aka: Fudgie)
not pictured: Susan,Kym (Vully), Lisa (Ping) and Pamela aka: tdc Meeko/Smeeeko
(photo by Pamela of course!)

 Ahh.. here's Susan & Fudgie.. what a long day for these Scavengers!

            Ok.. so we got out to our spot.. and we had the raffles.. Sean had hidden a special "X" in a one of the Hershey bars we had left from the night before... the magic ticket belonged to....

 and the winner is.. Fudgie!!!

            ..and the lucky winner of the OFFICIAL Illuminations Cruise raffle prize is.....

 Susan!! (who looks to have fallen in love with her pepper grinder!!!)

 The finale of Illuminations: Reflections of Earth

 ..heading back into port.. the final Hurrah and growl of the Pirates..

           And now we head on over to the Adventurer's Club... do you know the special salute?? How about the Song??? Here we go....

"Marching along we're Adventurer's
Singing the song of Adventurer's!
Up or down
North, South, East, or West...
An Adventurer's Life is Bessst...
An Adventurer's.. Life.. is.. Best!"

 Keith & Rob in the Mask Room...

 Everyone (pretty much) is having a great time in the Mask Room!! =)

Emil in the mask room's Emil..coming to visit us RADPers in the Mask Room!!!

 on to Monday Dec 11th 2000.. it's MGM day! (ToT & RnRc Meets)
(and Illuminations Dessert with KMT!)

 SPVMCP 2000

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