Sean & Pamela's Very Merry Christmas Party 2001
RADP VI :Celebrating Walt's 100th bday!

Sean & Pamela at Disney's Grand Floridian

who: Sean & Pamela Rouse (ages 36 & 33)
         Biscuit Meeko (6 years old @ Christmas)

&; Brer Bunny (2 1/2)

accomplices: too many to count...

where: Florida

what: a few of the many trip pix we had over the 2 weeks.. BOLD stuff is Official RADP meets.. the rest is us hanging out with some pals or meeko'ing around Florida & the parks by ourselves..  yeah some un-disney pix but check 'em out anyway.. maybe you too can come check out the Gulf Coast of Florida or (gasp!) Islands of Adventure!

pre-trip visit to mom's! (Venice area) =)

Nov 27th (Tues) IoA (not disney!)

Nov 28th (wed.) PO-R (dixie landings) check-in

Nov 29th, (thurs) 2001
Blizzard Beach and Artist Point dinner w/friends!

Nov 30th (Fri) 2001
RADP Animal Kingdom (kilamanjaro Safari, breakfast at Donald's Breakfastsaurus, Chester & Hester, hangin' w/ Rob in Camp Minnie Mickey, Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade),dinner at BOMA, and Roy's meet at the AC)

Dec 1st (Sat) 2001
 Epcot , (breakfast at DxL, BIG MEET, LIB, and Campfire Meet & EWP)

Dec 2nd (Sun) 2001
RADP MK Day (breakfast, Splash & all

December 3rd (Mon) 2001
MGM day (
RnRC/ToT, hanging out on the backlot w/some radp pals, lunch at 50s Prime Time Cafe w/ radp, Great Movie Ride Meet, hanging w/ friend Rob (Voyage of the Little Mermaid & stuff) Fantasmic! meet and the Fantasia Gardens minigolf Meet)

Dec 4th Tues. 2001
Food Fest! (Breakfast at Boma, tea at the Grand Floridian w/DD & friends, hangin' at the Contemp w/friends!)

Dec 5th (Wed) 2001
 AKL check-in (Walt's 100th MGM w/friends & AC Meet)

Dec 6th (Thurs) 2001
 more AKL (dinner at Cal Grill & MVMCP)

Dec 7th (Fri) 2001
monorail touring w/mom! (monorail resort hopping for lunch &decorations, Who's Line is it Anyway? w/ Improvgal, & the Improv players, and Jiko dinner & storytime w/Thabo w/mom &Ray)

Dec 8th (Sat) 2001
more AKL photos and flight home

page should be called "radp 6: beat me w/a stick!" (took me 2 years to get these online!)

I-4 Nomads RADP

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*Special Thanks go to Sean Rouse, Meeko Mom Judy Adams & R Haller, Lisa & Dave catsitters inc. & 'Uncle' Loren Johnson, Deb Wills & the RADP-6 planning committee, Bruce & Marta Metcalf, Rob G & Keith, Lori & Catherine, Raub the 30yr waiter at California Grill, Thabo the Storyteller, Bob at Trails End,Amanda the amazing CM, Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse, Walt Disney, Tammy the housekeeper, and of course Meeko.. thanks for being in the parades...  =)

*No thanks goes to: the devil CM at the IG gateway Dec 1st,2001 The evil CM working the Contemp Parking lot Dec 6th,2001.. the planners of the Grand Floridian Parking lot that put self-park in the back 40, the cake cutters at Walt's 100th birthday party (Marie Antoinette said "let them eat cake!" I wanna know.. WHERE IS MY PIECE?)