Sean & Pamela's
'very merry Christmas party'

Islands of Adventure!!
27 November 2001

the adventure begins...

Sean & I first checked in at Holiday Inn near the Universal/ IoA Maingate..


View from our hotel

closer view

Sean unpacking or stuff



We arrived early at the park... a fine mist of rain covered the ground... We started from the entry and worked our way around the park in counter-clockwise fashion....


the adventure begins!

Port of Entry

Christmas shop..

Pharoh's LIght


Giant Shield

Sean checking the seat


Hulk Loop

Hulk in Profile


Dr Xavier

Sean checks the height req.

Wolverine lurks


Super Hero Island



Comic Strip Cafe

are you reading my thoughts??!

Blondie's for sandwiches


Cathy's Ice Cream!

Beetle Bailey

Betty Boop


Dog Fountain!

Little Nemo

Sean Walks Marmaduke!

Popeye's Bilgerat Barges

Wimpey's Hamburgers

Sean Wanted!

Ripsaw Falls

ouchie Splash!


Toon Lagoon




Jurasic Park

Lost Continent entrance

Dueling Dragons

Mythos WC light


Mythos Nyphs

Sean waits

Meeko & water

Mythos Walls

Meeko's Chicken

Sean's lunch!

Chocolate Sampler

Ginger Village

Candy Ginger Cottage

Grinch & Max Chocolate!

Lost Continent

& Mythos




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