Sean & Pamela's Very Merry Christmas Party 2001
pre-radp Venice, FL visit
our hands

images from late November at Pamela's family in & around Sarasota/Venice, FL.

Southwest California Bear airplane

Meeko's mom's Analee Christmas tree

and the Victorian Style Tree Opposite...

mickey sleigh
Mickey & the gang w/Santa Sleigh

Holiday Teddy Bears!

Mickey Icon Star on the outside..

neighbor house 1

neighbor house 2

Family Visit Photos!

missy             pam mom and missy
mom Judy & Pamela  w/Missy cat (cat sitting)

sue and sean
over at Aunt Sue's... Sean helps Aunt Sue

Mom and sister Sue, Uncle Carl M. and Uncle Carl A. work on an extra turkey!

sue and pamela
Aunt Sue & Meeko Pamela

Pamela & mom
Mom Judy & Pamela  =)

Pamela meets up with Uncle Dale!  =)

Visiting Venice!

soda fountain
at the soda fountain

at the jetty.... 

beach                shore          sean

at Venice  Beach!

Sean rests up for our trip to Orlando

Islands of Adventure  

on to WDW!

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