Sean and Pamela's Very Merry Christmas Party

December 11th, 2002


Our first morning at Animal Kingdom Lodge this year (we stayed here in 2001 but this is the first time we stayed concierge!).  We spent the day enjoying the view from our balcony (24hr safari!) relaxing in the concierge lounge, and exploring the resort.

Pamela woke up with a sore throat first thing. We thought it was the AC but she just kept getting worse.. still we managed to have a good time. For breakfast we had oatmeal (doityourself fixins') and coffee, tea, and pastries in the lounge. We took the lodge's art tour.. where Lisl gave us all kinds of new insight to the artifacts and the architecture of the lodge. We even found some "Hidden Mickeys"!  =)  At the end of the tour she invited us back for the culinary tour at 4pm.

After a morning of exploring and checking out the art and animals, we went back up so we could have more of the delicious Yogurt smoothie. While just entering the lounge we spotted an old friend, Amy "Improvgal" Kahn!  We chatted and made plans to meet up for the culinary tour later.

Lunch was had at the Mara, Pamela's favorite Disney foodcourt (Sean says "that's not saying much!" as most Disney foodcourts range from so-so to just nasty tasting).

The afternoon was spent swimming in the beautiful pool. The water was great, and the pool not too crowded. Sean even tried out the slide! After a shower and nap, we took in the culinary tour (no Amy, though) which was really interesting. We have eaten at both Jiko and Boma (the latter several times!) but it was interesting to hear about all that goes into the theming of the restaurant and the flavors of the menu.

Over at Boma they let the tour have a sample of one of our favorite soups, the tomato bisque and even a half zebra dome (drrrrrrrrrrrrrooooool!! Pamela's favorite dessert).  As we left we tried to make ressies for Boma but the earliest was 830pm!  YIKES! We were giving up and about to walk away when we find RADP pal, Catherine standing in line behind us. She & Lori were meeting up with Amy for dinner.

Instead of eating a big dinner, Sean & I headed up to the lounge where we had a sampling of appetizers. Toy Story 2 was on the tv and we were feeling pretty relaxed. Catherine, Lori & Amy met up with us in the lounge and we chatted a bit before taking our leave for another nap.

We ended up going out to the Belz Outlets and picked up some cool AKL blue denim shirts that were half off ($24) It was pretty chilly so the shirts came in handy.   We stopped off at the lounge one more time before heading to bed. They had desserts and wines out for people to sample. Unfortunately they didn't have the zebra dome, but they did have the pineapple upside down cheesecake.. pretty yummy! =)

Here's Our Room at AKL

Sean outside our door, mug in hand! =)

Biscuit Meeko hanging out on the balcony.

Huge Glass Window looking out from the lobby onto the Arusha Savannah.

Lobby television as seen from the Kilamanjaro Club (AKL's concierge lounge).

AKL's Christmas tree facing the Arusha Savannah

Another view of the Christmas tree facing the Kilamanjaro Club.

Pamela outside on a stairwell looking over some Ankole cattle grazing in the Sunset Savannah.

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December 12th, 2002
Checkout at AKL & Check-in at Dixie Landings (Riverside)