Sean & Pamela's Very Merry Christmas Party


December 13th, 2002

Friday was Animal Kingdom Day.  The first thing we did after having breakfast was head over to Animal Kingdom. The weather was awful. We didn't realize (as we didn't watch the news that morning) that somewhere in the next county was a Tornado warning. We were just getting pelted with cold rain.

At the park we met up with folks for the Kilamanjaro Safari meet. We noticed the park was pretty empty.. except for all us crazy RADP people!!  Over at the ride, we found folks, about 20 or more of us. Little did we realize Deb had cancelled her own meet (ours included!) and didn't manage to tell very many of us..

Well, Passorter Dave showed up to let us know Deb wasn't coming but we did the meet anyway!  There was enough of us to fill up our own Safari vehicle. I'm really glad we went. Not only were many of the animals out.. we got almost a personal safari.. The truck in front of us got stuck so we got to spot animals longer than you usually get.. and the driver didn't have the lame poacher tape going while they were working out the stuck truck situation.

Here's a few of the images I managed to photograph:

...A Thompson's Gazelle.

A Hippo getting washed by the rain

... here's a termite mound

An African Elephant

a beautiful Lion!  (and his girlfriend up on the top almost out of view)

After getting soaked in the park we meeko'd over to the Countdown to Extinction (dinosaur) ride where it was what we call 'a walk on.'  They had us take all our wet gear off before we could board the vehicles. However, there was still water everywhere.. through the hall, the steps and of course in the seats of the vehicles.  =)

Before I gave up for the day.. Sean & I had a meet to host.  The first Annual Primevil Whirl meet!  We couldn't help but wonder how many people we would of had for this fantastic ride if Deb hadn't told people the Friday meets were cancelled.  As it was there was about six of us.

Here's Patti checking out the height restrictions

The gang is here.. from Left: Teri, Major Woody, Sean Yoda & Pamela Meeko Rouse, Jessie & MickeyMom, Mickey's best friend and Patti!  =)

Sean & I had lunch at Animal Kingdom but headed home before MickeyMom's Kali River Rapids meet.. I felt like I had got drenched enough.. and I wanted to go back to the room to warm up and take a nap before the evening's Boma coma at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. =)

When Sean & I got back to our room.. we had this freaky sight waiting for us... I never did lodge a complaint with the staff at DxL (Riverside).  Yes, religion has it's place, but not in my hotel room... and especially not when I'm at WDW.

Minnie Mouse is hosting all all-plushie revival at Dixie Landings... Those Gideons would have been proud!  This is one of two times while staying at DxL that the housekeeping staff had our plushies praying..

Onward to Saturday December 14th, 2002

Big Meet Saturday
(and Campfire MiniMeeko)


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