Sean & Pamela's
Very Merry Christmas Party

RADP 007   2002

Saturday December 14th, 2002


Big Meet Saturday. Sean & I got to Epcot in time to meet up with folks and have a bite to eat from the FountainView Cafe.  Cheese danish and soda!  =)

First meet was Catherine & Lori's Future World meet.. which included Spaceship Earth Roulette. Everyone tries to guess where Catherine and Lori will be when or if the ride stops while we are all on it..


Don and Laurie and Mike and Jan among the folks at Spaceship Earth.

Theo!!  =)  (also on left Catherine takes down stats).


More folks hanging out..  Mike, Don & Laurie, Marta, JD and others..


It turns out Laurie J. won. She guessed that it wouldn't stop at all!  =)


The Winner!!  (Laurie flanked by Catherine on the left and Lori on the right).


Onward to the Big Meet!!!  But first I just want to say hello to P. who gave me a cool surprise hello in Future World!! I was neat to meet you, if only for a couple seconds!!


Kevin aka: Fifty  aka: Dr. Manhunk takes control of the nametag situation.


Paragon and Jack survey the situation...


Art & Sean confer (and have pin talk I am sure!)


Zazu sports the latest in RADP outerwear  (yes, we needed hats and scarves!)


A bunch of folks are here.. Here Amy aka: Improvgal chats up with Laura aka: Tigger.


Holy Cow! More people!  (look! I found the lovely Passporter Jennifer!..... background green jacket) Shawna and Denise are in the foreground...


Catherine displays her doorprize.. It's ENG!!!


After Big Meet photos and chatting.. it was time to get serious..  Another meeting of the LIB.. Loin Inspector's Board took place.. Several awards were given out, the DiLIBerator was displayed.. and a surprise guest was on hand!


Peter aka: Fudgie is honored, yet again..


Sean steps up for an upgrade (good job honey!!)


ahhh.. Passporter Dave..


Jack??  I don't know what he did to get this.. I demand a recount (just kidding!)


Larry, who was first to be beaded this year!  =)  Congrats!

After the Meet, Sean & I headed over to the Outer Rim where we were supposed to meet up with buddies Rob & Keith.  Sean & I had a heck of a time getting over there. They are very strict about letting people in. It doesn't matter if you are staying on property or that you are spending money in the bar. You basically have to be staying at the resort or have a PS (priority seat) as they will make you park at the TTC and monorail over.

When Sean suggested he only drop me off as we were meeting people, they then suggested we could use the Valet.  Oh they don't want you parking there... but they'll take your money.

Sean dropped me off where I met up with Marc & Patti & Danny  at the Outer Rim where we waited for Rob & Keith (and Sean).  Sean ended up driving over to Ft Wilderness where he took the bus, then the ferry over to the Contemp.

While we waited, we got some drinks and chatted and enjoyed the view from the Outer Rim. I was pretty disgusted but it seems all the monorail hotels are like this as they don't want people parking at their nice resort and then heading over to MK for the Christmas party. I was surprised though as this was early in the day.. around 3pm.

Sean finally showed and we still waited for Rob & Keith.  Rob is always busy and it seemed like this would be the only chance we would have to meet up with them.  Sean got in contact with Rob finally.. and it turns out the gatekeepers treated  R&K even worse, as Rob is a CM. They told them they would have to park over in CM parking which was just too far away.. They didn't offer him valet even when he said he was meeting people.  So we agreed to try something else later the next week.  sigh...

Well, the crappy experience didn't end there..  We spent about $45 on drinks and the server guy was just terrible.  I'm surprised we got our drinks at all. As far as getting the check, he never came. I guess he had to go on break or something.. Finally I went up to the bar and asked to pay for our drinks.  The bartender wouldn't let me buy the drinks, instead he broke our money and insisted we pay the server who wasn't there.

We waited but he never showed. Sean & I counted the money out, left exactly what we owed.. and had fun trying to find a shiny penny  for him.  Suffice to say I don't plan to go back there anytime soon.  I know this is one of Rob's favorite places but I told him that I wasn't keen on coming back to the Contemp for anything.. ever.


This sad tale told.. I give you.. the backside of the Contemporary...  the view that Marc, Patti, Danny,Sean & I had as we headed to Ft Wilderness for dinner & Campfire MiniMeeko.

Home of the worst bar service ever...

On to Fort Wilderness and the Trails End Buffet.. yum!


The Welcome sign at the Ferry Dock.. ( I love Ft Wilderness!) electric car at Ft Wilderness. You can rent these for about $25 bucks a day. Check out the cool Ft Wilderness license!  =)  (I love Chip N Dale!)


Sean took this photo of the River Country water wagon.. River Country has been closed some's nice to see it's remembered even if it's an accident.


Sean took a photo of the tree this year.


Marc & Patti outside the Trails End while we wait for folks.. Carol, Bruce & Marta, Randy, Mike & Jan, and Jack joined us.


Hoop de Do Review. Where women are women..and men, we hear, wear pink tutus. =)


After a very filling dinner we headed over to the Campfire Program where we got to hear the amazing Sundee sing, Chip N Dale frolicked, marshmallows were roasted, Jessie got cold hands..  and the Princess Diaries made me miss Mary Poppins.


Sundee sings with those crazy chipmunks!


Alison roasts some marshmallows


Jan takes some fresh mallows out of the bag and gets them ready for their turn in flames.


Dale poses with someone's kids.. while Randy (left) watches Sundee's show.

Sunday December 15th, 2002

 Magic Kingdom Day!!



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