Sean & Pamela's Very Merry Christmas Party

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Sunday December 15th

Today is Magic Kingdom Day. Last night really worked on Pamela's cold and the morning came with continued sniffles and feverishness.  Today was a big day though. Besides the MK meets, we were to meet up with Pamela's Dad & his wife Kay. Also, we were hosting a dinner at the Polynesian Resort with some of our meet committee friends.

The day started with breakfast at Trails End buffet then we ferried over to the Magic Kingdom where we met up with folks for Splash Mountain and Big Thunder.  For some reason we don't seem to have taken any photos of these two events!

We then went on to the Dole Whip & Egg roll Intermission, before we had to head back to the resort. Pamela didn't want to be late, so she took the resort bus back. Sean took the ferry back to Fort Wilderness to pick up the rental car.

Back at the Resort. Plushies are set up on the bed.

Here's Minnie & Mickey!


As it turns out Pamela's Dad & his wife Kay took a wrong turn and ended up Animal Kingdom Lodge. This worked out fine, as this is one of the places we wanted to take them to so they could see all the aminals!  =)

We had a tasty lunch at the Mara where Pamela had some delicious hot soup! Sean had soup too, and we split some of the sugar cane chicken.

Here's some of the photos we took around the Lodge:

Lizards Only!

Flamingo pond

Antelopes in the Arusha Savannah


Just realizing we don't have any photos of Pamela's Dad & Kay, but hopefully we can get a copy someday of the ones they took of us together with their camera..

After lunch and some time spent chatting and looking around the resort, we parted and headed straight to the Polynesian to check in for our dinner event.

We got there at the perfect hour. The sun was just starting to set, which made for some fantastic photo opportunities! Here's the photos Sean took:

Pamela Meeko in the Polynesian parking lot (of course Pocket Stitch had to come to the dinner too!) Thanks to Shauna for the leis which she handed out to a lucky bunch at the Adventurer's Club Saturday night!

Sunset at the Polynesian


Another view near the Resort (flag silhouette)

Polynesian Resort pool

Grand Floridian as seen from the Polynesian beach


Sunset for Pele =) (volcano pool slide against the setting sun)


contemp view
The Contemporary Resort viewed from the Polynesian's Beach

Christmas tree as seen from outside the resort...

One last glance back though before we head inside (Grand Floridian)


Well, it's pretty cold outside,and the tree is looking very inviting, (not to mention we need to check in for our Priority Seating!) so we head on in. Once we've figured out that everyone who is going to show up has, then we check in for dinner.

We had a really good time and the food was pretty good. The service wasn't up to Disney standards (on our end of the table it seemed) but we had a good enough time that Sean & I plan to come here again.. but perhaps with a smaller group.

Here's some pix of Jessie making the most of the fun games they had for the kids! Coconut relays around the dining tables and hula hoop contests.  All the kids got some gummi worms for their efforts, (next time I'll buy you a bag Jessie!)


We're not sure if all this hula hooping and gummi worms had anything to do with it, but poor Jessie got sick at lunch the next day... But for now she was doing great and having a really good time!!  We're glad she & MickeyMom & Larry came to the dinner (along with everyone else that came of course!!!)

Danny is ready for a nap but the festivities are still going on.. From right to left: Marc holding Danny, "Tutu" Jack, Tina, Jessie, and Alison (not pictured: MickeyMom & Larry, Catherine & Lori, Patti (sitting to the other side of Marc) Sean & Myself and friends of Patti's from New York....

surfs up
Outside one of the shops in the resort is this neat L&S (Lilo & Stitch!) surfboard. Pamela wants one for herself.. but Sean said "where would we put it!??"

Monday December 16th, 2002

MGM Day!
(aka: Pamela goes home..)

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