Sean & Pamela's Very Merry Christmas Party

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Monday December 16th, 2002

This morning we were heading over to MGM for the 50's PrimeTime lunch that Catherine was hosting. Pamela had taken some Nyquil before heading to bed the night before and seemed to be doing ok for now. So once we showered and dressed we drove over to MGM just in time for lunch!

Stitch!!!! (and a sick raccoon)  Hey, do you think they want you to buy the movie that just came out on VHS and DVD on December 3rd??  =)

Here's a sick Pamela & a not sick Sean enjoying their Lilo & Stich drink (this is basically a Shirley Temple with a glow cube in the cup to make the Sprite drink glow different colors) *photo by Lori

Catherine was VERY naughty at lunch, much to everyone's amusement. First she was told to stand against the wall.. and then later..

Catherine "threw" her veggies on the floor! (it was an accident!!) and was told to clean up her mess and stop wasting Mom's food!

Everyone is taking photos of Catherine sweeping up her veggies.  =)

After lunch we headed over to the Great Movie Ride for Patti's meet! Pamela wasn't feeling too great so she decided this might be the end for her.. but for now...

Sean checks out the prints outside the Graumann's Chinese Theatre

Star Trek's LeVar Burton ( star of Reading Rainbow, Roots, etc...)

Theo! (pictured here with Marta, Lori, & Kenny)

Here we see a scene from one of those classic gangster films....

John Wayne

It's Indiana Jones and the Temple of.. something... (cheer for your tour guide!)

"We'll always have Paris." Classic scene from "Casablanca" with real plane!

"I'll get you my pretty!!!" Wicked Witch of the West in the technicolor opening scene.

After the ride, Pamela headed back to the resort via the resort bus. She picked up some jello from the Dixie Landings (Port Orleans Riverside) foodcourt, went back to the room, ate her jello, took her medicine and napped til Sean came back...

Now that you know what Pamela did.. what did Sean do?? Well he stayed and hung out with folks and checked out "One Man's Dreams" the Walt's 100th Birthday tribute set up in MGM.. We saw this last year but weren't able to take photos inside til this year.

Here I'll try to put the caption with the photo.. but Sean may update these later with more accurate info:

Walt's desk from Marceline, Mo.

Another photo of Walt's desk

Animation stand used for Plane Crazy, Steamboat Willie..


Another view.. closeup of the animation stand


"Golly Mr. Disney! Aren't they bright & shiny??" Walt's Oscar for Snow White & the Seven Dwarves. Presented to him by Shirley Temple...


Hey! Shouldn't this be in Anaheim?? Walt Disney's office for official meetings...

Model of the Disneyland Sleeping Beauty Castle


Model of the Disneyland Jungle Cruise

"Serendipity"...Walt in front of his plans for his property in Florida

Model of the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Cinderella Castle

Souvenirs from WDW Magic Kingdom park opening 1971

...more souvenirs!


Animatronic skelaton

Model bird Animatronic like ones used in Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room

Model of the Disneyland Paris Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Model from Tokyo DisneySeas (voyage of Sinbad?)

Model of Disney's Animal Kingdom Tree of Life

Model of Disney's California Adventure Grizzley Peak and the Grizzley River Run..

Another view of the DCA Grizzley Peak.

Tuesday, December 17th, 2002

More Epcot and hangin' with Rob and Keith

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