Sean & Pamela's Very Merry Christmas Party

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Wednesday  December 18th, 2002

Today we checked out of Dixie Landings and checked into Wilderness Lodge. Before we headed over though, we wanted to give the Port Orleans foodcourt another try. We liked the soup we had had here before.. and we figured we'd see if the beignets were fresh this time around..  they were!!!

Courtyard entrance to the Port Orleans French Quarter lobby

Mardi Gras decorations at the Port Orleans FQ foodcourt...

Sean enjoys his beignet and coffee

Sean blows kisses while we get a good look at this morning's beignet offering..

Wilderness Lodge Main entrance gate...

Wilderness Lodge

Queen beds in the room

Sean checks out the framed map at the entrance to our room

Our room.. viewed from the balcony towards the entrance...

View directly from our balcony (DVC walkway to the right)

View to the left of our balcony...

Now that we were checked in, we were off to the Magic Kingdom to catch the Share a Dream come true parade..

Wilderness Lodge Ferry Dock

Ferry schedule...

Sean & Pamela on the ferry across Bay Lake to MK

Share a Dream Come True...

The Magic Kingdom Castle!

Liberty Square..

Partners Statue

Walt's car he rode around the park in...

Firetruck from Walt's fire station.


Share a Dream Come true.. animator at work...

It all started with a mouse...

That little wooden boy...


It's Alice! (and the castle)


Wendy and a lost raccoon, er, boy...

Jafar! (booo!)

Fairies from Sleeping Beauty...

Cinderella and her Prince

Peter Pan and Tink...

End of the parade...

After the parade, we headed over to the Hall of Presidents where W. is living these days..

Bill Clinton's Sax

Eagle that belonged to Ronald Reagan

George Washington's toothbrush

The Hall of Presidents..

After we hung out for the afternoon, we met up with Bruce and Marta for dinner at Tony's. After having a really good meal, we all headed back over to the Wilderness Lodge via the ferry from the Contemporary.

Thursday, December 19th, 2002

More Epcot and hangin' with Seth!

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