Sean & Pamela's Very Merry Christmas Party

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Thursday December 19th, 2002

Today we headed over to MGM so we could ride Tower of Terror and Rock'n Roller Coaster. At some point we were hoping to meet up with Sean's college buddy Seth. Not knowing for sure what time that would be, it was our priority to be dropped 13 floors from the Hollywood Tower Hotel!

Our shadows as we head to ToT

Disney MGM Tower of Terror!

Directory inside the Hotel Lobby

Desk inside the ToT lobby

Display inside the lobby

After we rode ToT and RnRC a couple times, we came out into the sunshine to find Sean had a voicemail on his cel phone. It was Seth and we agreed to meet up at Epcot.

Our timing was great as he was 2 cars ahead of us in the Epcot parking lot. After Seth picked up his Florida Annual Pass we headed in for lunch at the Biergarten in Germany Pavillion.

Inside the Biergarten

The band plays on.. (they played several songs, told stories about "Silent Night" and had the kids come up for dancing and a game or two)

The Fussen train!

Of course we had to have a Beavertail while in Epcot. Finally the cart was open! We weren't the only ones waiting for this all week, we swear!  =)

Pamela and Sean finally get their Beavertail! (holding up the apple & cinnemon) *photo by Seth

Seth and Sean in Canada

We find one of the original Epcot Survey Markers! This was on our way out of the park and we were very happy and probably freaked some of the innocent tourists by taking a picture of this.  =)

Spaceship Earth lit up with fountain and holiday lights.

After saying goodbye to Seth we head back to our hotel room at Wilderness Lodge. We had a neat little surprise waiting for us. The housekeeping staff had been busy while cleaning our room... Look what they made!

Plushie teepee! This tent/teepee stars all our plushies and Biscuit Meeko on top peering in like the curious raccoon he is in the Pocahontas movies.

Pamela stands next to the amazing structure.

Friday, December 20th, 2002

Wilderness Lodge & Resort hopping
with Pamela's Mom & Ray!

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