Sean & Pamela's Very Merry Christmas Party

Radp 007   2002

Friday, December 20th, 2002

Friday we woke up and had breakfast at the Roaring Forks. We walked around and took the 10am Lodge Tour. It was really neat and I wish we'd taken it the previous day, as we found places that gave a perfect view of Bay Lake and the Geyser.

The view of the pool and Bay Lake from one of the balconies.

The Christmas tree

A view of the lovely teepee chandaliers, eagle totem and carvings...

another view.. this time the Geyser going off in the distance.

after the tour we return to find the room clean and the plushies relaxing..

mom & Ray arrive and we walk around the misty boardwalk. The geyser goes off!

Next we head off on the bus over to the TTC and go to check out the holiday decorations at the Grand Floridian and have lunch at the cafe.   Food was 'ok' but service was pretty bad in this 4-star resort restaurant. To their defense it was busy, yet our server barely acknowledged us but to serve our food and leave us alone to run out of water and soda. Dessert was good, the cole slaw nasty. The chicken salad ok..

The Grand Floridian poolside

Closeup of Lilo & Stitch on this year's lifesize Gingerbread House.

Another view of the Gingerbread House

The GF's beach.. looking on toward the Polynesian

Pamela and her mom in one of the GF swings.

Palm trees and beachfront

Sean took a great photo of the Contemporary as seen from the GF's beach.

Ferry and Space Mountain as seen from the beach.

Next we headed over to the Polynesian Resort.  We wanted to check out the cool volcano pool.

The Polynesian Resort pool.. as seen from beneath the volcano.

Sean takes a photo of poolside from the top of the volcano slide. Pamela and her mom & Ray look on.

A view of the Contemp from the top of the pool slide.

the inside/outside creek running through the Polynesian Lobby.

After hopping the resorts, we headed back to Wilderness Lodge where we relaxed just a little bit before heading out to tour Celebration.. We made a last second call to our new acquaintance Brian who agreed to give a home tour to a couple of virtual strangers and a couple total strangers.  =)

Afterwards we headed back to WDW property for dinner at Narcoosee's. We'd have photos of the Magic Kingdom fireworks that we got to view from our window seating inside the restaurant, but Pamela left the camera in the glovebox of the rental car.

Instead we ate our wonderful dinner, watched fireworks with the music from the park piped in, enjoyed the most excellent service and vowed to come back one day.. maybe next year??  =)

After dinner we said goodbye to mom & Ray.. as they headed to somewhere to stay for the night.. We went to our wonderful room, got refreshed a little, filled up our Roaring Forks mugs, and grabbed our Pirates Booty (tm) before heading over to Brian's to watch Muppet Christmas Story (it's a wonderful kermit) with Brian, Kristy and friends..

December 21st, 2002

Wilderness Lodge Checkout
& Candlelight Processional starring Kristy!

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