Sean & Pamela's Very Merry Christmas Party

RADP 007     2002

Saturday December 21st, 2002

Saturday we had to check out of Wilderness Lodge. While we still prefer AKL, Wilderness Lodge is definitely in the top five (or three) of favorite Disney resorts. We definitely plan to come back!  We had our last breakfast at WL on our balcony.

Pamela picked up breakfast from Roaring Forks.. 2 orders of potato wedges and a shared order of scrambled eggs with bacon.  Refillable mug of course... diet coke. Out on the balcony it was looking to be a lovely, if not cool day.

Once we had breakfast and packed up, we took one last walk around the resort and one last refill of the mugs..  On our way to Roaring Forks, we were stopped by a DVC representative and a cast member who ran the pin cart nearby.

The two proclaimed themselves official welcoming committee and insisted on taking our picture......

Our photo as taken by the Wilderness Lodge DVC rep... she was so wonderful I would have loved to have chatted with her about DVC had we the time.. but we had a full day planned.. maybe next time!  =)

Sean & I took in "Food Rocks" for the first time ever! (and the last time!)

Sean a little dazed by all the bright colors and amazing food facts (um.. do we really want to do this?????  why????  oh yeah, cause we've never seen it...)

Spaceship Earth as seen from World Showcase

The Procession of choirs is about to begin...  (where's Kristy???)

..and they're off!   (this was really neat to see)

Blair Underwood read the Christmas Story and the choir sang beautifully!

Another photo of the procession up to the stage....  (Kristy is in there somewhere)

After the performance...  Kristy greets her friends and admirers who came to see her perform!

Doesn't she just radiate?? (nevermind that the photo's been over-brightened)

Christmas Tree in front of American Pavillion

Father Christmas in England

After dinner, we headed over to bridge between England & France to watch Illuminations with Seth.  Here's a few of the photos:


The really cool globe (which you can't see the neat images racing across it.. go see it in person, dangit!)

Mexico and Japan lit up




Epcot Christmas tree  (located just inside Future World)

Close up of Epcot's tree

The musical dancing arch.. as seen looking towards Spaceship Earth.. Sean & Seth are somewheres ahead..

December 22nd, 2002
Travel day.... aka: Breakfast at Boma

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