Sean & Pamela's Very Merry Christmas Party

RADP 007; 2002

Sunday December 22nd, 2002

Already checked out of our wonderful Disney resorts, and now checked out of the Ramada. One thing Pamela wanted to say about the place is that it made her appreciate Disney hotels even more (not that she didn't before).

Sean had one last treat before we left back to Berkeley, and that was breakfast at Boma. We love eating here and to save our breakfast til the very last day was a wonderful way to top off the trip.

We quickly checked out of the hotel and drove over to AKL for the 8am ressie. It was very peaceful at that time of the morning.. Many people were heading out to the parks for the day.. many may have still been in bed.  The Zawadi had not yet opened up, and we tied for first in line to check in at the reservation desk.

We ended up getting seated second.. and were treated to impecable service. It's always been like this for us at Boma for breakfast.. but maybe the experience was made more special because it was our last morning in Orlando.

Whatever the reason.. we had a fantastic breakfast.. enjoyed our Kenyan AA freshly pressed in our French Press (I think we drank like two of the little pots!) and the Boma "magic juice" which actually has it's own name.. and is a blend of 5 different juices.. We never had to ask for refills, they just appeared, even when we were at the buffet getting refills of the delicious curried eggs.

Sean took many photos and here they are.. the last of our trip...

Gingerbread Village at Boma

Ankoli Cattle and Giraffe in Arusha Savannah

Ankoli Cattle and Zebra

rain is coming.. but here you can see the detail of a pheasant

more detail..  Antelope

Elephant atop a pole

More detail..  Giraffe

Just inside the foyer..

More animals...

A different Elephant (we swear!)

The Animal Kingdom Lodge.. our view from the parking lot before we leave. =(







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