sean & pamela's very merry christmas party
radp-8 Around the World in 8+ days..

24 November
Embassy Suites & Busch Gardens Tampa

26-29 November
Thanksgiving in Venice/Sarasota w/ Pamela's family

November 29th Islands of Adventure/Universal
Royal Pacific Hotel Resort at IoA

29th short visit (& dinner at IoA with Seth)

30th full day at the park (Universal mostly)

1 December (another day at the parks.. IoA & lunch at Mythos)

DECEMBER 1st- the 9th (?) WDW and RADP-8

Carribean Beach Resort at WDW   (CBR)

03 December  (meeko'ing around the world)

04 December (first MK Day!)

05 December (radp AK Day)

Boardwalk Resort at WDW (BW)

06 December (radp MegaMouse/BMaG & Campfire MiniMeeko meet)

07 December (radp MK Day!)
Animal Kingdom Lodge at WDW (AKL)

08 December (radp MGM Day & EPCOT/ MiniGolf Meet)

09 December (catch-up day & Hoop de Do! review)

10 December 'get away day' (MGM)  =)

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