Sean & Pamela's Very Merry Christmas Party
Thanksgiving 2003
26 -29 November
mom dance
pamela's mom all dressed up for the dance!

26 November 2003;
dance show in the morning! =)

mom dance
ladies dancing

aunt sue!
aunt sue!

ladies in line
lined up and ready to go! =)

toy soldiers
Pamela's Aunt Sue & mom Judy dancing the nutcracker/ toy soldier

ladies danicng again.. finale!

another finale pic
another photo with mom Judy on the far right again!

aunt sue
aunt Sue!

now that the dance is done... time for lunch at OLDE WORLD in Northport, FL.

old world

lovely stained glass in the back wall of the restaurant! =)

mom all done up for lunch =)

mom & ray!
having some iced tea and ruebans at "Olde World"  Ray & Pamela's mom, Judy! (stained glass is backlit against the wall mural)

27 November 2003


celebrating thanksgiving over at our Aunt Sue's house.. 

pamela's Sean
Pamela's Sean =)

"the kids" Adams family from left: Uncle Dale, Aunt Sue, Uncle Carl, and mom Judy A.

cousin blake
cousin Blake, Aunt Sue & Uncle Carl M.'s youngest son..

Pamela's mom!
Pamela's Mom, Judy

pamela & uncle dale
pamela & Uncle Dale (Sue & Judy's younger brother) kind of blurry..  =)

skylar's bday
Uncle Carl M holds the lit cake as we sing "Happy Birthday" to Skylar, Uncle Dale's youngest.. and seems to share a Thankful holiday each year.  =)  (cousin Cynthia is at the sink)

uncle dale & skylar
Uncle Dale & daughter Skylar on her bday (and Thanksgiving).

cousin Cyn's dog
Cynthia's very friendly dog!  =)

NOVEMBER 28th & 29th
cooper cat and mom misc. pix!
-cooper cat
-another cooper cat picture
-mom & cooper helping with the tree decorating..  =)
-one more of cooper!

quick visit with Pamela's Dad & wife Kay, (lunch at Sam Snead"s Tavern on Osprey Ave. Sarasota)

Jerry & Kay
Pamela's dad, Jerry Hesselink & wife Kay R.

Jerry & Kay at Sam Sneads
in front of Sam Snead's Tavern, Sarasota, FL.

meeko & her dad
Meeko & her dad.

seanyoda & meeko
SeanYoda & Meeko Pamela =)

pamela & her dad meekoing around
Pamela & her dad goofing around in the car (showing off the digital camera  & movie features..)

We parted at the Barnes & Noble Sarasota parking lot where we met & had coffee before lunch.. then we were off to Orlando and the Royal Pacific Resort at Universal/ IoA.


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