sean & pamela's very merry christmas party

IoA: quick visit to IoA
29 November 2003

sunset over the lagoon

sun setting over the well themed lagoon. =)

here's seth and one of his friends
seth and friend while we're at the annual pass center getting our new APs =)

We had dinner for lack of time, (and lines!) at the place in the "Enchanted Oak Tavern". We wanted to eat at Mythos but weren't sure if it was even open or we'd be able to get in. Service was pretty crappy, and despite there being a short staff of servers, we still had pretty crappy service. After our dinner companions, the desserts were the best part of the entire meal..  there were no apologies coming from the wait staff for the service and the food being so poor, and in fact our server was so lame he actually admitted to letting our fries sit on the counter til they were cold and had to make the dish all over again. I guess you could say that's honesty but really, who wants to know that you've been ignored on purpose??  NEVER again..


pie a la mode
pie a la mode  w/ caramel sauce

chocolate mouse cake w/ caramel sauce.

tiramasu  =)

ny cheesecake w/berries
cheesecake with berries

It was a rather cool and rainy evening, after dinner we walked around some.. with our APs and staying at the hotel we were able to get the FRONT of the LINE pass.. unlike fastpass, you don't have to wait to come back at a certain time, you just get in the fastpass type queue and have minimal to no wait!  =) We rode "SPIDERMAN" like 2 or 3 times..  =)

Whoville Whobilation show times for 29 Nov 2003..  noon, 1pm, 2pm, 330pm, 430pm, and 5pm.  =)

walking in the rain
rainy evening in the park

tower at port of entry
near Port of Entry 

lagoon view of CItywalk
lagoon ride back 'home'.. view looking back to CityWalk.  =)

TOMORROW Nov 30th..
full day (for the most part)

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