Sean & Pamela's Very Merry Christmas Party
Islands Of Adventure

pamela & sean!
here we are!!

plane lagoon
on our way to  Universal

Universal Studios archway

lots of Shrek 4-D pix! =)
(click to see the sign up close)

SHREK show building
Shrek Show Building queue

show building from the left
show building.. w/warning

no overknight parking
no ogre-knight parking!!

sean & meeko in queue
SeanYoda & Meeko in the queue..

enchanted tick room!
Lord Farquaad's Enchanted TICK Room..  =)

Great Moments
"Great Moments with Mr. Farquaad"   =P

happily ever after
'and they lived happily ever after.'

shooting schedule
shooting notes for filming Shrek (fun stuff)

wedding memories
wedding memories

Ghostbusters drove by while we were waiting..  (Beetlejuice is in the passenger side)

wanted signs

checkout times
checkout times!

pinnochio and date..  =P "do not disturb "

maps of the stars
maps of the stars!


community board
community bulletins

OK! moving on to lunch finally!  =)

new yord backlot
new york backlot (with ghostbusters)

sean checks out the menu...

irish toasts!
Traditional Irish Toasts

sean in the backlot
sean in the backlot!

shadows of Meeko & SeanYoda =)

meeko in the backlot
Meeko Pamela on the backlot

MIB attraction building!
MIB (Men In Black) attraction building

MIB breakroom
MIB breakroom

another MIB
MIB control room

read the instructions!

Back to the Future
Back to the Future show building

over in fakey new england (jaws area)
"JAWS" area

near Jaws
near Jaws

reward for shark (Jaws attraction)

MIB building
MIB building from JAWS location

crazy monkey
curious George

It rained off & on while we spent our afternoon at MIB riding the single rider line and Back to the Future & Jaws. Eventually cranky meeko showed up and decided to stomp off home to the resort. Sean decided he wanted to see the Whobilation at IoA so we parted ways and Meeko walked  back to the room to nap.. Sean had a good time at Whobilation though and got some great photos.. those will be coming up on the next page.  =)

gather your belongings
gather your belongings..
(or be fed to the dragons)

IOA DEC 1st  =)

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