Sean & Pamela's Very Merry Christmas Party

1 December 2003
Check -in at Carribean Beach Resort

After leaving IoA and our wonderful hotel paradise at Royal Pacific, we stayed at Carribean Beach a few days before heading to Boardwalk for Friday & Saturday night of the RADP weekend. This page will have many images taken of the resort during our stay.

cbr tree
CBR tree

Along the beach near our room, we could not only see the fireworks from the EPCOT "Reflections of Earth" but hear the music as it carried itself across the water.. 

fireworks reflected on the waters...

RoE fireworks
fireworks from RoE  =)

tree at foodcourt
tree at the foodcourt & main bar

foodcourt renovated (looks good anyway)

2 December 2003
Meeko gets lost..

map of CBR
map inside one of the guest laundry facilities

across the water
across the water

they weren't kidding when they said this was a resort for walkers!  (only problem Meeko kept getting lost)

nice hammock to rest
a hammock to rest and view your map..

FINALLY back at the room!

back at the room
our room looking toward the facility/sink area (you can see we already moved in  good the night before!)

the beds
the beds with pretty bedspreads and Meeko & Brer Bunny waiting..

the hat rack
the hat rack.. which we turned into elf central for our holiday things =)

honeybear aka: Sean back at the room with fresh ice! =)

meeko sink
meeko in the sink area.. (mirror images are from top: S&P in Sarasota couple days before,  5x7 of Alexander & Kiki back home in Berkeley)

Our time for the first couple days was spent resting up a little and visiting with friends in Orlando. When not sleeping on the 2nd, we were eating at the crummy Shutters restaurant, as well had dinner at BOMA (was supposed to be Jiko.. more on that later) and watched Survivor with friends. The first night and today though was all about Kim Possible (and finding our way back to our room from the long trek on the beach).

from the live journal of Meeko:
"...we got to meet up with Bruce & Marta for dinner. I guess there was a fire in the Jiko kitchen or something so our PS was cancelled and with Bruce working & Marta out and about for stuff they weren't reached to know.. so when we got there to check in for the 7pm PS we were in for a surprise!

Sean & I thought we'd be eating at 7pm.. as did Marta.. anyway.. Sean & I didn't eat anything til around noon.. at the CBR (Carribean Beach Resort) foodcourt. We shared a buffalo wing sandwich and chicken ceasar.. They had a tomato and lettuce I could put on the sandwich to give it something more.. The salad was fine but the Ranch dressing was a little rancid tasting or something.. or maybe it was just the brand.. or that it WASN'T fat free. ANYWAY... we were starving by 7pm and Marta was about to go into shock but we managed despite them making us wait almost another hour before being seated at BOMA... BOMA is always good but the wait and WDW customer service regarding being seated immediately (WE DIDN'T MAKE JIKO CLOSE! they should have seated the displaced PS's as soon as a table was available and BEFORE the walk-ins if you ask me!)."

I want to note that despite the junk that went on with the messed up seating and all, our dinner at BOMA was wonderful as usual, and our server was super great.  No complaints there..  =)

3 December  (meeko'ing around the WORLD)

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