Sean & Pamela's Very Merry Christmas Party
Meeko' ing Around the World & other things..  =)

3 December 2003

from the Live Journal of Meeko:
"squeee! ain't dead yet! =P Ok so heading out now... need to start walking so I can burn my dinner off.. Last night was a really good and I ate a lot and I was just so glad to get the time to be with folks outside of the RADP8/ MF  ok.. and..... we're off!"

Carribbean Beach Resort refillable mug (dated 2003-04)

Storks near the foodcourt

sean looking over the Shutters menu (or something)

meeko and sean
getting on the bus!

Supposedly Meeko is '"Just Chillin " today.. we'll see!  =P

Downtown Disney.. all dressed up for the holidays!

Once Apon a Toy
Once Apon a Toy

Wanting to go visit our favorite resort, Port Orleans Riverside (formerly DxL) we saw some of the DVC construction going up as well the Treehouse Villas were still there and so we snapped a couple shots along the way..

ferry to PO-R
Ferry to Port Orleans Riverside (DVC construction in background)

treehouse villa at the new DVC resort site (as of Dec 2003)

another treehouse
another treehouse

pool at french qtr
pool and Lizard/ Dragon slide at Port Orleans French Quarter

Manor House
one of the manor house things at Magnolia (PO-R)

Foodcourt at PO- French Quarter (and boatdock)

sink at the Cotton Mill =)  PO-Riverside

Well, it just wasn't the same since we weren't staying there this time.. something was missing.

resort window
back at our resort.. towel elephants!

our gang
Stitch, Biscuit & Bunny are joined by Erika's Tigger for a daytime visit.  =) thanks to the friendly housekeeping Cast Members at CBR.  =)

Ok... it rained a little but we rested and tried to get rid of "Cranky Meeko."  Seems like we didn't have a lot of luck, as she ended up showing herself at "Ohana".. where we planned a "romantic dinner for two".. snort! riiiighhhhht.  It wasn't all bad though.. as we also got in a little Resort hopping! (Cranky Meeko needed about 42hrs of solid sleep).

MONORAIL  Yellow.. off we go to Polynesian Resort!

mm & min
Mickey & Minnie and someone's nephews..

Huey Dewey & Louie.. someone else's nephews..

honeybear aka: SeanYoda (before the fireworks)

just meeko
Just Meeko.  =P

Sean's drink.. hmm where's Sean? (oh yeah, he's watching WISHES).

**did someone say "DO OVER" ..pretty sure**

Polynesian map
map of the Polynesian Resort

OK.. moving right along, we decided we'd go see the Grand Floridian's Christmas Tree on a whim. We got Lagniappe!

the big Tree!  =)

live music
live music!

gingerbread house
the annual gingerbread house

best darn Ohana!
our bonus! the best CM in Polynesian/GF ever =)

on our way home.. the Contemporary Resort lit up with tree outside =)

4 December 2003: another day and some Shutters review.

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