Sean & Pamela's Very Merry
Christmas Party 2005

10 years of radp

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SeanYoda Rouse (40yr)
Meeko Pamela  Rouse(37)
biscuit meeko,stuffed raccoon (10yrs & looking it!)
brer  bunny, stuffed rabbit, (6.5yr)
dozens of friends and family and a cast  of  thousands!

our 2005 trip to WDW, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of radp meets (rec. arts.disney.parks) visit with friends & family and a lesser extent  to attend the megamousefest convention.


we stayed from the 1st to the 10th, with key radp meets occuring between the 2nd  to 5th of December.


Pop Century Resort 80s building is where we stayed from the 1st-9th of December 2005

S&P's resort check-in trip report and comments..
Pop Century Resort photo page  =)

1 December 2005:

2 December 2005:

Animal Kingdom Meets & Boma dinner

3 Dec 2005:

Pop Century Breakfast, Epcot, & big meets

(including TrailsEnd dinner & Campfire MiniMeeko)

4 Dec 2005:
Magic Kingdom meets & meals

(including Wishes Bay Lake Fireworks cruise)

5 Dec 2005:
Disney-MGM Studios & WinterSummerland meet

6 Dec 2005:
Holiday Storytelling Around the World Meet
(an all day radp event hosted by SeanYoda)

7 Dec 2005:
MouseSurplus, Magic Kingdom, Evening at the Polynesian Resort

8 Dec 2005:
Around the World in the rain with family & a visit to the Adventurer's Club

9 Dec 2005:
Shopping, Return to the AC

10 Dec 2005:
One Last Visit to Disney MGM Studios, Lunch in Celebration, the trip home


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