Sean & Pamela's Very Merry
Christmas Party 2005
10 years of radp (rec.arts.disney.parks)

02 December 2005, our official radp Animal Kingdom day. 

Deb Wills (of all usually starts this day off with her annual Kilamanjaro Safari meet. We had just about enough for one or so safari jeeps.  After having dragged our butts around MK the previous night for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas shindig.. we were running late to the Safari meet. We missed being in the meet photo, but as is the running gag ever since the great Meet Photo mishap of the previous year (which we didn't attend as Meeko was working through the holiday at DLR) 'we'll just photoshop you in later!" said Jack.   =)

debk and ostriches

Sean did the video-taping for the Safari, and somhow meeko, who wasn't supposed to ride the attraction ended up on it anyway.  We've ridden it many times before so suffice to say we have some good pictures somewhere (and would have some later as well). But let me just say if you aren't supposed to ride the safari, you listen to the warnings and KNOW they are talking to YOU, then do not ride them. No one wants a whiny meeko on their Safari, especially when they're having fun and you aren't. thank you and please don't lean out of the vehicle. So after that I stayed off the bumpy rides for the most part. Also we walked a lot at AK, so I really was feeling it the next day. 

So once we got off the attraction, we needed to move on to Kali River Rapids, but not before seeing this familiar fellow:

silver back gorilla not on safari but on the trail
Silver-backed Gorilla  =)


Kali RIver Rapids!

we're on our way to kali
Some of our AK day meet friends as we head to Kali River Rapids!
from left:  John & Charlotte in matching Tigger hoodies, Mike & Jan,
Jack, Marta (in yellow raincoat) SeanYoda, Bruce, Beth & her guy following behind her.

Kali RIver Rapids
Heading over to Kali we realized there were more of us watching than actually riding, so I'm sure besides our photos, there are many out there that are just as good if not better of MIckeyMom & her family as well, the Cherry family..

here's the ones we took of the meet:

meet the brave souls & randy
hanging around waiting
KRR group staring MickeyMom
erica closeup
Jack, Tracy and Erica jack and friends hanging out waiting for folks

Sean & his pretzel.. yummy huge thing but alas it was gone for the most part.. so he's left holding the mustard packet.  =)

After a while we headed out to do some shopping with enough time left that we wouldn't be late for our early BOMA dinner at Animal Kingdom Lodge.  As we were heading out the turnstyles of the gate and to our bus, we ran into a VERY familiar face..  =)

he's everywhere! he's everywhere! (and on his day off too!)

sean & bus  =)
Sean & Pamela enjoyed  their own chartered bus back to their resort from Animal Kingdom (joking!) but it's rare to get a bus all to yourself.  This would not be the case the night before coming back from the Christmas party.. or later the next week.  =)

After the bus ride back to Pop Century, we took care of visiting the three Disney oulets in Orlando.  The Prime Outlet Mall (formerly known as Belz Outlet Mall) near Universal, houses Disney's Character Warehouse in one mall building and Disney's Character Premier.   Both stores sell a lot of the same merchandise, but sometimes you'll find an item in one store that's not at the other.  We ended up getting a pair of $4 sunglasses for Pamela, some pins, some scrapbooking stuff, and a few other souvineers.  Our next stop was the Orlando Premium Outlets which is next to the Mary, Queen of the Universe church across I-4 from the Crossroads at Lake Buena Vista.  This mall houses both a Disney's Character Premiere outlet and a Universal Orlando outlet.  Neither store had anything we wanted to purchase, so we drove back to Pop Century to get ready for dinner.

AKL sign
animal kingdom lodge

Photos in & Around the AKL lobby:

AKL Christmas tree & zulu shield chandaliers
MASK Graves zulu shield chandalier detail akl seating area near Victoria Falls stairway

BOMA  'coma' dinner (so named for that coma like feeling you get if you eat too much yumminess and need to sit down for a little nap).  Boma is a buffet dinner of African flavor & infused recepies, as well  American style cuisine (for those who don't want to go on a flavor journey but don't mind eating prime rib & mickey nuggets).  Many foods may have curry or more vegetarian options than you may see in other resort places.  There's a salad table, a vegetarian table, a meat table, a kids table, a fruit table, desserts, starches, and soups (at least 2 or 3) and you can load up on a variety of yummy stuff. No need to eat the mac n cheese and fries unless you really want to.. but if that's what you're after Boma may not be the place for you.  At about 30+ per person for dinner, it really pays to try something new, or as the folks we ate dinner with.. go back for seconds on the acorn squash soup, or the fallafel and fire roasted tomato hummus.  Not to mention, the Potatoes with Afratude!  the flatbreads, the steamed veggies, the chicken, prime rib, the salads, etc. Last but certainly not least, the Kenyan AA coffee served in french press with your dessert.. a multitude of yumminess, but everyone's fave, the Zebra dome!   =)

the one time Meeko loves soup. Boma chicken & corn soup, mixed greens & watermellon to clean the palate.. then in the upper right corner, the acorn squash soup, which tastes like liquid pumpkin pie.. (or so Meeko  Pamela thinks!)

After dinner we walked around some and headed back to our room at Pop Century  to unpack some more and walk around the lake a little. It was too cold and too late to join folks at the Adventurer's Club so we just walked around took some photos and headed back in to finalize our plans for the next day.  What's the next day??

Oh tomorrow was our busiest day day of all (of the meet days).. BIG MEET day! ! Starting with the Pop Century breakfast meet at 730am continuing through the EPCOT meets, RADP big meet at the International Gateway, Mousefest Convention visit,  dinner at Trails End , surprises at the Campfire Program.. including the first ever RADP  podcast 'trapped on vacation' live from ft wilderness, a quick visit with Pamela's dad, and the electric water pageant & Wishes fireworks on Bay Lake..  Is it any wonder we didn't make it yet again to the Adventurer's Club?? (we're getting old.. it's true!)

stay tuned and check out the next link....

3 December 2005
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