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Christmas Party 2005
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03 December 2005 Big Doins Day (Breakfast at Pop Century, Wandering around Epcot,  The annual RADP Big Meet and Greet, The MouseFest MegaMouse Meet, dinner at Trails End, and Campfire MiniMeeko)

Being a long day, everyone started the day with breakfast at the Pop Century Food Court

folks gathered for breakfast

Here are some more shots of folks enjoying their breakfast   =)

marta, sam, erica, jack, tracy, and kevin
tracy, kevin, tony, and bruce
brian and disneydame2004 and dzneynut
the cherry family

Even Bunny and Biscuit had some fun.

bunny has some coffee

After breakfast we were off to Epcot.  We were unable to meet up woth folks at Soarin'. so while Sean waited for everyone to exit the attraction, Pamela wandered around Epcot.

view of epcot

As Pamela wandered around Epcot, Sean joined up with other RADPers and rode Journey to Imagination and Spaceship Earth.  Since Pamela had the camera, she took more Epcot photos (see what's hiding in the last one).

the ball
phone box and lamp post
guess what's hiding here

Eventually, Pamela and Sean were re-united at the RADP Big Meet and Greet at the International Gateway (photo courtesy of Julie (IMKiwi10))

Sean and Pamela

The Big Meet and Greet is RADP's Family Reunion...

and catherine
kevin, jan, and kenny
kenny and julie
brian and sam fudgie and julie
folks relax and chat more chatting

bruce, pamela, and biscuit

shawna, pamela, and mickey
Catherine made an appearance, as did Kenny pictured with Kevin & Jan, then with Julie =) cute couple, no? Brian & Sam..  Las photo top row, ur dear friend Peter who we haven't seen in ages! so tall (he swears he hasnt' grown an inch!) pictured with Julie, (don't they make a cute couple?)

Next row: the 'guys' mike, john & don.. last row..  more chatting and gathering of the LIB! (loin inspectors brigade)

Here, above center bottow row, is bruce who seems to have forgotten to bring his own stuffed meeko.. and is making do..  (j/k)  "step back! the LIB is about to convene!"   =) Shawna, meeko & MickeyMom  make way for Alison!

More photos of the Big Meet and Greet are available here.

After the Big Meet and Greet, a few of us went to have lunch at Beaches and Cream (yummy cheeseburger and fries) before heading on to MouseFest's Mega Mouse Meet.  At the Mega Mouse Meet, we met up with authors and webmasters.   For us, the highlights were seeing Alexander Marx (son of Passporter authors Dave and Jennifer Marx) and Kevin Yee (author of 101 Things You Never Knew About Walt Disney World and other books) who we had not seen since he and his family had moved from southern California to Orlando.  Unfortunately, we did not get a good photo of Kevin.

Sean & Brian
walk to the
sean and brian walking to the mega mouse meet
Jennifer and Alexander Marx
fortnately they had tables at which folks could relax
relax at the
jennifer and alexander meet biscuit
one more of jennifer and alexander

The Mega Mouse Meet was at the Dolphin Hotel.  As the meet wound down, we left and took a look at the Christmas tree in the atrium:

Dolphin's Christmas Tree

The tree is 45 feet high, has 32,800 lights, and 13,800 pointsettias.

train around the tree

I like ths tree because it has a train that runs around its base.  The train is 1/12th scale replica of the "Santa Fe Express" called the "Dolphin Express"

Our next destination was Fort Wilderness for dinner at Trails End and Campfire MiniMeeko VI

at the Ft Wilderness Campground Campfire Program! =)

small fuzzy image
hosted by Randy, 'meeko' Pamela & Sean =)

Dinner at Trails End has become a tradition since certain meet hosts (namely meeko & Sean were unable to plan accordingly to get to their meets ontime. This year was no exception with us once again not being seated til almost an hour later.  We arrived for our meet about quarter to 7pm. By then, pamela's dad who was making a special trip out from Clearwater with his wife to see us and attend the meet had already been waiting..  as were our special Celebration GoH.. Ms Kix and her mom and Jason of "TRAPPED ON VACATION" (our first ever radp podcast! and it's live from Disney's Ft Wilderness..) If you listen carefully it unfortunately picks up meeko arriving out of breath and then later you can hear meeko admonishing someone (jason? her dad?) for not singing along.  hee hee.. "It's a SINGALONG! you singalong!"  *vbg*

waiting outside trailsend/crocketts tavern keep your eye on those pumpkins
pretty work horse surprise! meeko
 & her dad while Kay looks on
scary photo of no makeup meeko & her dad
down at the beach.. and then there were 6?
the last hardy souls nooo swimming!
electric water pageant EWP not looking good throuhgh our lens sorry!
wishes blurry bonus!
from the beach!

it's not the fireworks it's the camera wow
haywagon retires

Once again the camera went out on us, however we got a few shots in before the evening was done.  Turns out my dad said he & Kay were in Crocketts Tavern having a bite to eat the entire time we were sittiing out on the porch in the rocking chairs, waiting to be seated..   at least we met up at the campfire and got a short visit.  =)

The first movie was "Cinderella" which we all enjoyed seeing on the big drive-in style campfire program screen. Alison, Jessie and Pamela, as well a bunch of other folks roasted some marshmallows over the firepits, enjoyed some hot "cocoa-moooo"  or coffee from the Chuck wagon and tried to keep warm.  It seems like every year the campfire program gets colder in December.  There was a double feature that night, but because of the cold, and the fact that we usually head down to the beach for Electric Water Pageant, we all headed out when the film was done.

Jerry & Kay (pamela's dad & his wife) and then C, K* & their friend steve headed out as did many of the 'regulars' like Alison, Jan & Mike and the crew. Which left the last hardy bunch.. Bruce & Marta, Randy, Brian K, Jason, Sean & Pamela, and o' course Biscuit Meeko & Bunny! (the meeko in Campfire MiniMeeko) to walk to the beach and enjoy the oldest water parade in the World . We were treated to a surprise "Wishes" firework show across Bay Lake, as well.  Somewhere out there, Jason is still "trapped on vacation"  Thanks for meeting up with us!  =)

After the meet we all headed down to the bus and back to the front (except Randy cause you know, he lives there).  Where we chatted before parting ways for the evening. By then it was about 1130pm and was too late for us to really go join others at the AC (Adventurer's Club) without passing out.  So we instead went home.. as we were already calling our room at POP and passed out on our hard little mattresses.  Ready to start again in about 6hours.

Trails End Breakie & Magic Kingdom Day!
04 December 2005
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