Sean & Pamela's Very Merry
Christmas Party 2005
10 years of radp  meets

pamela & her mom Judy

 8 December 2005 Thursday  was a day we were meeting up with Meeko's Mom & Ray for some park hopping & visiting. Sean got a lot of cute pix of Stitch merch as requested for our Stitch crazy buddies back home.. as well a lot of other fun stuff.. You can see those photos on our seeekrit squirrel Stitch merch page: HERE

Meeko's mom hadn't been to WDW in ages.. decades if you will so it was fun & scary trying to park hop all four parks in one day to see all the holiday goings on in one day. Suffice to say with the weather we'd been having, we didn't have much luck with the holidays, but we did manage to do at least one attraction in each park. Better luck next time I guess!

rainy day in the world mom, ray & sean
mom Judy (meeko's mom) Ray & SeanYoda on a very blustery day!

We rode Spaceship Earth then headed over to World Showcase. 
Because of the rain, the Storytelling around the World was cancelled so we were unable to share even a couple of the storytelling experiences with Pamela's mom, who is really into Christmas.  =)

We then decided to have lunch, but Le Cellier (where we thought we'd have a treat of cheese soup and breadsticks and  yummy sandwiches) was fully booked and not taking walkups. So instead we went to France.
We had lunch at Chefs de France with our very own aloof frenchman.. j/k he was ok and so was the lunch. SeanYoda & Pamela  had never eaten here so it was a first for everyone. We're glad we tried it. We may actually have lunch here again one day.  The french onion soup was pretty  good and filling as was the sandwich that came with.  Meeko was hungry and ended up finishing all of hers (or so we think).

mom & ray on the wdw transportation
Judy & Ray on one of many WDW transportation experiences..

Epcot for Christmas stuff was pretty much a bust but we tried to keep positive and moved on to the next park! Animal Kingdom..  Where not only was the holiday parade canceled (because of the rain) the park was pretty quiet and empty. We decided to take Judy & Ray on safari..  which was all ours for the most part (there were like 2 families).  The ride was well worth it pain and all. The lions were out!

AK tree
ak birds
tree of life
hippo pool
ankoli cattle
more cattle
more cattle
AK tree

taking the monorail at the TTC (monorail purple coming into the station).

Next we head to the Magic Kingdom!  =) Where we once again are unable to see the holiday parade beause of the weather, however.. we did ride a few attractions!  The Carousel, Mickey's Philharmagic, and Countrybears  Playhouse Christmas version.

outside the Countrybears (Christmas) Playhouse =)

Cinderella Castle MK mom on the at the magic kingdom
Sean on the carousel Ray & mom judy  =)
Ray & Judy at Country Bears
country bears talking heads lets start the show! country bears

Main Street Christmas tree

Our last chance for Holiday fun.. again washed out, but we needed a break! Dinner at MGM? Time to have a filling dinner and enjoy just visiting with mom & Ray.. where to? Sean & Pamela's fave & fun Sci Fi Dine In of course!  =)

sci fi
classics looped on the big screen and dinner from the comfort of your 'car'

dine in cars ray's sundae
empty cars
sci fi drive in
mom at the drive in then back  home!

but first.. S&P get their 2nd wind..  (maybe it was the cool & rainy walk back to through Epcot for Sean.. and the litlte nap that Pamela took while she waited for Sean to come back to the resort.. either way.. a quick trip to Disney Quest to get online and to play a few video games in the classic arcade.. 

epcot spaceship earth

sean & one of the shiny trees at disney quest
sean checking his live journal of course!

meeko in stitch hat closeup
sean in the elevator

dec 9th shopping =)

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