Sean & Pamela's Very Merry
Christmas Party 2005
10 years of radp

9 December 2005 Friday was a day we were meeting up with Meeko's Mom & Ray again for some visiting & shopping. Sean got a lot of cute pix of Stitch merch as requested for our Stitch crazy buddies back home.. as well a lot of other fun stuff.. You can see those photos on our seeekrit squirrel Stitch merch page: HERE

Sean had lots of fun taking pix of other neat toys too:

mousketeer barbie & pal mickey

cool monorail signs

After we window shopped a whole bunch (and shopped some too) we were hungry! It was  around 1pm almost so it was definitely time to settle down for something yummy to eat.  The thing about Downtown Disney is that there are plenty of places to eat, but also plenty of folks there to eat at the places that are available!

We weren't having much luck finding a place for lunch what with Earl of Sandwich being packed, and the Raglan Road being closed for lunch, so instead we had a pretty filling meal over at Fulton's Crabhouse. None of us have eaten there before, Pamela not being a seafood eater, so there was no real rush. We were hungry & Ray loves seafood.. Seafood places always have chicken sandwiches and hamburgers, so we headed in.  =)

christmas tree          sean's lobster bisque
Christmas tree at Fulton's Crabhouse..   Sean's crab & lobster bisque.. "that's crabmeat on top"

Pamela had a huge cheeseburger served with dill seasoned kettle chips. Pamela's mom, Judy had a salad.. and Ray had soup and seafood. (no photos, sorry).  Our server was very friendly and accomodating.. I wouldn't order anything heavy though as the servers have to bring GIANT trays of food down from the upstairs kitchen. We're glad we got to try Fulton's although Sean says he probably wouldn't go back.  Like many food experiences we've had at the World,  it wasn't bad but it wasn't that good either. 

After lunch mom & Ray had to head out for their friends in Orlando, and we had to meet up with friends for the opening of Narnia at the Downtown Disney AMC.  Our buddy Alison had gotten tix for the 430pm showing earlier the week, so we met her & Ping over at the theatre just in time! Today was also Ping's bday. Talk  about timely!  =)

We'd all been looking forward to the film and it didn't dissapoint. If you haven't seen the film, or read the books, The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis it's childrens fantasy from a theological perspective.  We both have our own full sets of the Chronicles and have read them dozens times over.  Pamela would like to think herself a CS Lewis fan from wayyy back (however Sean knows more about the publishing history than she does!) and has seen both the animated adaptation of The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe in  the late 70s and the BBC adaptations of the first four.  We agree nonetheless, that this 2005 adaptation is far superior and if you have a chance to view the film, please do so.  You do not need to have read the books, but it couldn't hurt either.  We both suggest you try reading them in the original published order (and not how Sean's boxset has them (evil grin)... psr). The current boxsets have the prequel The Magician's Nephew being numbered 1 in the series, however it was actually published in 6th position and only in the last decade or so have the publishers decided to put it in first.  Pamela prefers her boxset's order. Why is this important?? Being children's lit, there's a voyage of discovery, and having all the answers handed to you up front just isn't as much fun.  =) (I'm pretty sure there's an appropriate Princess Bride quote somewhere that would go here).

OK.. so moving on.. the film was wonderful. No photos sorry.  Picture a movie theatre.  There you go.  =)

exterior shot after dinner
outside the Raglan Road

After the film, we had to part as we were meeting up with Brian, and Kristy & Kevin Sproul  for dinner who were going to the 1015pm showing of Narnia.  Alison & Ping were needing to head out  themselves as they'd had long day.  Despite Meeko devouring most the Reece's Pieces  herself, she was hungry.

One of the places we'd hoped to go to before we left was the new place Raglan Road, an Irish Pub type restuarant which opened in Pleasure Island area a few months ago. We'd heard that it would have live bands and have family style entertainment, so we weren't sure what to expect. We were greatfful, as folks thought it was a good idea to check it out too, so the 5 of us headed over to the new place for dinner.

kevin & kristy & brian
Newlyweds Kevin & Kristy S., .. and Brian,aka: "foxmagic"

here's some photos of yummy food:

kristys shortribs
Kevin's cheeseburger w/veggies & fries
Sean's Irish Bacon w/cabbage & potatoes
pie in the sky (w/salad)

from left: Kristy's shortribs w/french fried onions, Kevin 's cheeseburger (which Brian also ordered), Sean's Irish bacon w/ veggies, and lastly Pamela's 'pie in the sky' shepherds' pie, (
which was melt in your mouth delicious! ..psr) Talk about lucky!

We ran into Passporter Dave right as we were being seated, and he suggested the Pie in the Sky and the item that Sean ordered.  He was right on! I can't imagine trying to enjoy your vacation and constantly having people bugging you for suggestions or wonderfing where the boat to whatever leaves.. They have the patience of Saints..  oh and the cider at the Raglan Road is good too (and I hear they have cute hats in the giftshop). Will we come back?? OH YES WE WILL!  =) *grin*  everything looked so yummy and the presentation was fantastic and the food was real and filling. I'd be glad to try those ribs next time or maybe the cheeseburgers.. the steak fries looked HUGE.. all that and a pint of cider or something. good stuff!   =)

As far as the place being a 'family style' restaurant, I would say that one would be required to be drinking age (depending on Florida law) to enter the establishment. It's definitely a great place to enjoy dinner and drinks with friends or family.. Also having live music, it's a pretty lively place you can imagine, and the music loop (we were there for an hour or so and we guessed it to be about 45min) was also pretty loud & lively. They had some fun versions of Queen as well the ubiquitous U2.


After dinner our next stop on our long journey back to our room, was the Adventurer's Club.  We'd barely had time to say goodnight to Kristy, Kevin & Brian as they headed to their movie that we ran into Dave & Jennifer on their way to the AC.  The AC hadn't opened yet due to a private black tie funcition.  So we joined the queue, not realizing folks who already had their wristbands for the evening could go right in once they cleared the party out.  So once we all showed our IDs and APs we were stamped, banded and allowed in.. where the clever folks  were already having a good time in the lobby. We came in just in time for first new members meeting. Here's some of the photos from this evening:

adventurer's club
hathaway brown
Samantha & Hathaway
dave & jennifer
the Colonel
balderdash time!
the cup
balderdash cup
calling pigeons balderdash presentation winner lobby
treasure room treasures floating head adventurer's
samantha's cabaret!
samantha's caberet
samantha's caberet kick it around
samantha, kiki & pamela mutual admiration tree
more tree & stuff

a quick PSA:
remember your naps evan if you don't want to as they'll remember you!

photo by sean
friends don't let friends use them for napping pilllows..
(yes meeko took a nap earlier!)

onward to 'getaway' day
(narnia exhibit at Disney MGM & the flight home).

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