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Christmas Party 2005
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10 December 2005 Saturday is our getaway day. The day we need to do what we need to see before we head out for the airport. Today the most important thing on our itenerary was to see the Narnia exhibit at the Disney MGM Studios, then head over to Celebration to um.. have lunch and mail out some last minute postcards..  then head off to the airport to fly back home to LAX.
getaway day photo at the BAH
S&P's official photo at the "BAH"  before we head out for home!  =)

We got to the Disney Studios at about 1030am and decided we'd spend about an hour there while we had our mini meal & checked out the Narnia exhibit. We truely enjoyed the film we had viewed the prior evening at the Downtown Disney AMC theatre and were hoping to see more about the film at the exhibit. Unfortunately there were no plans as of yet to bring the exhibit to the Disneyland Resort, so if we didn't catch it here we wouldn't see it at all.

the gate with googieness!
DIsney MGM Studios main gate.. fun googie-ness  =)

Disney MGM Studios looking toward the tacky hat
holiday decorations looking toward the BAH (the tacky hat) what a crowd!

starring rolls breakie! yum!
Starring Rolls last chance breakie!

We really like the yummy bakery items Starring Rolls sells. The cinnemon rolls while not the same as the REALLY BIG cinnemon rolls they sell over at Disneyland are better in some ways, as they have just enough of that yummy cinnemon roll icing. Here, the cinnemon roll on the left, SeanYoda's cheese danish on right.. both VERY yummy! =) (the only thing that bummed me out was that someone saw our cinnemon roll earlier in the week and called it a 'cinnebon' which isn't really something one might want to hear when they are on vaction... we don't eat cinnebons! we eat Disney cinnemon rolls.. psr) These are a treat we only have when we make our trips to WDW.


beyond the wardrobe
Beyond the wardrobe.. no photography or videotaping of any kind.

While the exhibit was wonderful, we were unable to take photos or video.  To describe what is beyond the big red wardrobe door might be giving some spoilers away, if you haven't read the books or seen the movie. Suffice to say the exhibit brings you into the movie with its plush scene and live Jadis who was startling and severe when she asks you (we swear she was looking at Meeko the entire time!) "Who's side are you on??" and "Gather the Faithful."  Disneyland *will* be getting a Jadis (the White Witch) character walkaround. If she's anything like the opening day exhibit, she will be remarkable.  =) Certainly no Cruella deville.. she'll be much more sinister and scarily lovely.   =)

We got our photo taken by an official 'disney' photographer in front of the BAH before we headed out (the photo at the top). It was needing some work as the actual photos look a bit washed out and need some serious Photoshopping.. Sean was wearing a yellow disney shirt, though it shows up white..  and Pamela's hoodie is grey & pink.  Nice butts in the photo.. thanks.  "we're getting our picchaass here!!! ya mind??!"  =) Seriously Disney doesn't take good pix much.  We had the photographer scan our 'photopass' so we could check them later.. Pamela's hiding her photopass under her left hand..  =)

Photos in & Around Celebration, FL
Celebration water tower
cute Analee holiday shop window
town square holiday display

Celebration water tower (also the location of the new Joe's Crab Shack if you're into that) the holiday shop in downtown Celebration, and the park with city holiday display.

Celebration also has many new condos going up and plenty of real estate folks to sell you property. We had lunch at the grill in town and looked through a couple of the local papers.  Lunch consisited of a Rueban (which was yummy!) for Pamela which came with a side option of coleslaw or fries.. (coleslaw was good!   psr) SeanYoda had the BLT half with soup combo. The soup was a potato leek which was something of a puree and the BLT was made with Irish bacon (something similar to Canadian bacon).  We split the keylime pie, because Pamela thought she wouldn't be able to have decent keylime pie til we came back to Florida.  SeanYoda didn't care for the pie (tasted a bit too much like custard and missed some of that keylime tanginess.. spr) Pamela Meeko ended up finishing it despite it not being good or bad.. just not KeyLime Pie (possibly a storebought with whipped cream added for flair?? ..psr)  The owner or manager ended up giving SeanYoda half off his pie slice despite Meeko having shoved most of it down her piehole, (it being food after all, and not really BAD food..just not good food).  The lady suggested Sean try the banana cream next time. So perhaps we made in error.  Not everyone in FLorida can make a Keylime pie.  Stick with the Blond Giraffe if you can find it.   =)

After stopping at the post office to mail our last postcards out, we headed out to the airport. Our flight was running about an hour late from Albany, NY due to weather. We were in the first boarding group, had checked our clothing for once in a blue moon since we had so many things of varying sizes to bring back (mugs and a couple funny sized pressies we didn't mail).  The first half of the flight via Albequerque was full and so we had little room to stretch or manuever til the flight landed and a thru count was conducted. The rest of the direct flight to LAX was relaxing and roomy with many folks having gotten off in Albequerque, NM and we got a little sleep.

We landed safely despite all the turbulance and high winds at about 730pm, and Sean got a lovely shot of the LAX  encounter:
LAX holidays
LAX encounter (revolving restaurant)

We had dinner at McDonalds on our way home, then Sean stopped in and grabbed our mail from Saturday in the box ..  by the time we got back in it was about 930pm and the  fireworks were just going off at DLR. We're close enough the shells boom over our apartment complex every night. fun stuff that.  (not).

We were super tired but so happy to see our furkids.. Alexander & Keek meow'd and jumped and headbutted and were all over us when we got home. It was wonderful and we were greatful to visit with all our friends and family, but this purring and nipping and meowing to see us was very heartwarming and wonderful and we were greatful for that as well.  We were home.

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