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1 December 2005 Heading out to WDW..  SeanYoda & cranky Meeko headed out rather late to LAX (meeko misunderstood SeanYoda's timetable when he was saying "430am" was the time we'd be heading out, rather than what she understood him to say the time we were to wakeup.. When the alarm went off at 3am, Meeko was still up and packing & planning!).

We managed somehow, and the flight went off safely, with Meeko getting very little sleep on the direct flight thru Houston to MCO (orlando).  We landed about 330pm Orlando time; Sean's rental from Enterprise, a silver Saturn Vue was interesting and fun, despite its large size. Very handy for driving and picking up stuff and people. While not something we'd drive back home, it made for a handy vacation car. It gets about 20mpg.  It came without satelite radio, but we managed to have fun listening to the local 107.7fm holiday music.  =)  Although we brought some cds, we kept forgetting to bring them to the car to play on some of the few driving excursions we took later on our trip.

We were given a room facing a small courtyard in the 80s building, rm# 9453.  We were confused in thinking that rather than the 70s which we had requested, we were given a room in the 90s decade building. Close but no cigar.. The 9400s  are actually in the 80s decade, which have the Rubik's Cube for stairwells and the big yellow walkman facing the pool.  Fortunately, we were not facing the pool and the shortcut through the parking lot was very handy to get to the bus shelter and foodcourt/lobby area.  (Please note there is ONLY one bus pickup/dropoff location which is centrally located at the Classic Years foodcourt/lobby).  Although it's a shorter walk than many of the WDW resorts, getting to the bus shelter is only part of the issue. Catching a bus is something else.  =)

Images are in & around the Pop Century Resort over the length of our stay.

Our room:
our room in 80s 80s poster

Value resorts are pretty small with about 250sq feet, 2 double beds (which are smaller than we recall) your basic room amenities (tv w/local channels, CNN, toon disney, abc family & some 20+  wdw resort tv channels; as well wall safe, hair dryer & optional fridge to rent for $10day) Decor includes the snazzy 80s themed poster with FIgment & Black Cauldron  featured ventures of the 80s.  =) Epcot of course is the icon of the 1980s  WDW, having opened in 1982. 

Internet is dial-up, but with plans to upgrade the resorts at large, expect to see high speed internet at Pop Century by mid-summer 2006. Internet isn't always an issue, however if you need to keep connected (like we were) consider upgrading your vacation to a moderate or better.. 

For more info on WDW plans for high speed/wi-fi internet access, please check out Deb Wills "ALL EARS.NET" article posted May 2005.

Pop Century at night:

Giant Cel Phone Icon of the 90s bldg   
cel phone stairway of the 90s buildings lit up at night.. very pretty!

Rubik's Cube at night

Rubik's Cube 80s stairwells look lovely at night (that's our building!)

sean and the pool Classic Pool with Roger Rabbit sony walkman pool
SeanYoda & Meeko are checking out the 'computer' pool area with Roger Rabbit & giant Sony Walkman© style icon.

While room decor is very basic, you will sometimes still see stuffed animals and holiday displays in the windows.  We saw many rooms with towel animals in them, but occassionally one might see a cute tableau of animals or toys, with the occasional holiday decoration or light in the window of an individual room or two.

a couple displays:

stitch and stuff 100 acre woods buddies

more night photos:
walkways from the 70s lit up
50s building from the hourglass lake bridge
70s building 8-track tape icon and walkways from Hourglass Lake bridge at night with 50s building (bowling pins & duncan© yo-yo) reflecting off the lake.

Currently Hourglass lake has a bridge to nowhere.. a hedge is strategically placed to block walkers from crossing over to what might one day be the earlier decades buildings (1900s-1940s which are currently not being constructed but for a few shells of a building or two and the lobby which is also just a shell of itself).  There are plenty of ducks and  fish in the lake, but no duck feeders. Someone must be feeding them, however we decided, as the ducks seemed to all scamper over when looked over the side to see them swimming in the frigid waters.

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