May 18th is.... DCA Day!
(may have heavy graphics)

sean & pamela in front of Soarin'
Pamela & Sean outside "Soarin' Over California"

Pamela's Mom, Judy, is finding out what character she is most like

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Tommy & Rebecca in Hollywood Pictures Backlot!

Tommy,Rebecca, Sean & Andy by Santa Rosa Seed

Andy, Sean, Judy, Tommy & Rebecca in Bountiful Valley Farms

Mom Judy, Sean & Pamela, Rebecca, Andy, and Tommy (trying to hide)

Andy & Sean in the Golden State

Andy checks out the Millenium Tree
(Redwood Challenge Trail)

Andy, Tommy & Sean in front of the Millenium Tree

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Rebecca & Tommy at one of the Ranger Stations

'Ase, the vulture

Milady with those nutty chipmunks!  =)

Milady gives Bucky.. er.....Meeko her autograph

Pamela hangs out with Chip -n- Dale

 Dale -n- Chip signing Pamela's autograph book

Mom Judy & Ray enjoying their ice cream from Br-r-r- Bank Ice Cream

Dinner at Storyteller's

Rick & Kali, Andy and Rebecca cutting up at the Rehearsal dinner

Tommy (Rebecca's hubby) smiles for the camera while Jen gets served

Sean & his yummy dinner
(prime rib, salad, garlic smashed potatoes..)

 Rebecca strides over from the buffet

Our waitress gives us a tale

Biscuit & Bunny succumb to too much wine

Auntie Kalicat & Biscuit

Rick & Kali share a moment

Pamela's Aunt Dorothy, Mom Judy & Ray, and Mom Maggie

Lynne & Joe and brother Ed

Pamela's Dad Jerry & his wife Kay


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