Sean & Pamela's
after wedding trip to Disneyland
with pals! =)

        After the wedding, Sean & Pamela met up with friends at Coke Corner for some de-compression and Disneyland fun! =)  Here's the photos taken by Rebecca Boothby, Pamela's Goddess of Honor & some by Pamela...

First some closeups of the WONDERFUL plant Doobie & Rebekah gave us! =)

Click for larger image! =)
The beautiful plant that Doobie & Rebekah gave us
decorated with butterflies, berries, hummingbird, and rolled up DD bills =)

click for larger image ! =)
Here's the other side.. with Flit! =)
Isn't it beautiful!!!!

 Pamela & Sean at Carnation Cafe

Pamela & Sean share a Churro Lady & the Tramp style

Sean, Pamela & Tim watching "Believe" from Tomorowland

Rebecca at Coke Corner


Pamela & Sean on Autopia

Sean & Pamela return from their ride on Autopia