Sean & Pamela's Very Merry
Wedding Reception
Saturday, May 19th 2001
(heavy graphics!!!)

        We placed disposable cameras on the tables at the reception and the following are some of the many photos taken.  We've scanned over 100 photos (yep!) and tried to adjust as best we could for light and then resized them to share here.  Many thanks go out to our friends & family who took photos at the ceremony..  =) And now.. we present .. your photos!!

Taking the wedding photos

the buffet area in the Garden Room

Fruit Table
(thanks to all the folks that took pictures of this thing)

Some of the yummy food

Money doesn't grow on trees..

the wedding party

Rebecca Toasts

Click for larger image! =)
dad sings "the way you look tonight"

Sean & Pamela thank friends & family for coming

Pamela & Sean dance to "If I never knew You" while folks blow bubbles


Click for larger image! =)
Pamela & Sean dancing

Another of Sean & I dancing

Happy Couple

Andrew spinning the hits =)

Sean & his mom dancing

Pamela dancing with her dad.. (and someone's finger)

Pamela dances with her dad, while Sean spins his mom around!
(Harry Connick Jr.'s version of "Bare Neccessities")

Milady Jennifer

Margaret Rouse, Sean's mom

Judy Adams, Pamela's mom

Sean & Pamela cut the cake

Sean & Pamela feed each other cake

Pamela tosses the bouquet to.. Alice.. yep that's right!

The Ladies gather to catch the bouquet

Click here for a closeup of the shocking photo!  =)
Pamela completely freaked while
Sean nibbles the garter off with his teeth!

The guys queue up to catch the garter! (yeah Mathew caught it!!)

And now.. let's go around the room for....
table pix!   =)

Goddess Rebecca & Diva Pamela

Lynda Bailey & Pamela's mom =)

Dori Hoffman & Yumiko Abe

Laura & her date Sander

     Some of the Djali Table.. Sander, Laura, and Shelley

Djali takes a sip of champagne

Sean & Pamela toasting

Tim Castro & Andy Gross

the 'other' Andy & Tim

Andy shares baby photos with the gang

the freaking adorable one.. Mathew Krock!

Click for a larger photo! =)
Yumiko sneaks a taste of the wedding cake  =)

Larry & Dori Hoffman and Djali

Tommy & Chris chatting

John & Stacey!

Rebekah & Doobie Mosley! =)

Sean & Pamela chatting up with her pal Sterling,his son Nythaniel & Julie!

The Pluto (SO) table!
(pictured from left: Chris, Lynne and Sarah,Marie-Anne, Jacob,and Joseph Rouse)

The Terk Table!
(from left: Dan, Jim (holding Mathew) and wife Debbie,
Jeff & Ilene, and Peter... not pictured Ellie) photo by Ellie? =)

Rebecca the Goddess of Honor & husband Tommy

Sterling & family
(from left Nythaniel,Sterling & Julie!)

Pamela & Sean toast with the folks at the Figment table
(from left Lisa & Kym, Pamela & Sean, and FAB (Michelle)

Kevin Krock with son Mathew

The Kuzco table.. (from left: Joe & Cindy, Michelle & Roger, Cathy & Mark(?)

Pamela's Aunt Dorothy & her cousin Glen

Click for larger photo! =)
Pamela's Dad Jerry & his wife Kay Ridge

Sean's Mom, Maggie and Ray Haller

Cathy Gellis & her date at the Kuzco table

Cindy Lamb & her date Joe Levy

DJ Andrew =)

Pamela picks a card at random

LA hoofs it up with her date

Doobie plays with Reluctant Dragon to Rebekah's amusement

Pamela chats up Lisa (probably talking about pins again) =)

Kali smiles lovely while Rick determines which tiramasu to eat...

 Jennifer Rich

Jennifer & Andrew Rich

Jeff & Ilene Graebner

Sheila Hagen gets her close-up! =)

Tony Phoenix holds Adrienne & Kevin Krock's newest edition, Spencer

Lani Teshima and Milady Jennifer

Adrienne & Spencer Krock chat with Lani & her husband Alex

Pamela's Mom Judy hugs some guy.. oh it's Pamela's Dad Jerry <grin>

Tommy McNulty, official photographer & pal =)
(and husband of the Goddess of Honor,Rebecca)

Ellie O'Donnell

Jeff & Ilene Graebner (another cute shot)

Jim & Debbie Manley

Peter & Ellie

Best Pals: the Adriennes & Jennifer

Sean's nephew, Joseph Rouse

(future sister-in-law!) =)

oh-my-gosh! it's Chris!!! =)

Tommy at the SO table

Ed Rouse & kids, Joseph & Sarah

Sean's mom, Maggie =)

Shelley Louie

Cathy & Joe and Dori & Larry


closeup of Figment

Reluctant Dragon & Figment sing the joys of being married

Joseph Rouse and his youngest son, Ed

Linda & Bill Bailey

Ed & Joe Rouse chat

Nedra, Joe Rouse's wife (Sean's dad's wife)

Kali looking very sweet! =)

The "Cute" Gallery

Miss Alice Hill dances with Mathew

Mathew & Alice on a chair

cuties.. Alice & Mathew

Mathew & Alice at Play

Alice looking like a little Princess

fun with sepia... Miss Alice Hill

Alice sneaks up on Mathew

More photos to come soon.. I think...