Sean & Pamela's Very Merry Wedding Party!
19 May 2001
photos by Tommy McNulty,New Orleans

Pamela chats with Kali while she gets her hair curled by her mom for the big event

Goddess of Honor, Rebecca, getting ready in the Bridal Suite

The Mysterious Milady..
Jennifer Low plays around while Kali discusses something
incredibly interresting with Pamela while her Mom, Judy Adams works on her daughters unruly hair...

Milady Jen all ready to go...

Pamela gets her hair done!
(Pamela's mom, Judy & Kali at the ready with the spray!)

Pamela flanked by her parents, Jerry Hesselink & Judy Adams

Pamela's Mother, Judy Adams gives a wonderful reading from
Lloyd Alexander's The High King, while the Bridal Party looks on...

from left: Ed Rouse,Andy Gross, Best Man Joe Rouse, Sean & Pamela, Goddess of Honor Rebecca Boothby, Kali Pappas, and Jennifer Low

Pamela & with her Goddess of Honor, Rebecca Boothby

Pamela & Bridal Attendant,, Kali Pappas

Pamela with Bridal Attendant Jennifer Low

Pamela & Sean with Pamela's Aunt, Dorothy VanderWerf

Pamela & Sean with Pamela's parents Jerry Hesselink & Judy Adams

Pamela & Sean with Pamela's Mom Judy Adams & Mr. Ray Haller
(Pamela has HER eyes closed in the duplicate of this photo)

Pamela & Sean with his parents.. Joseph Rouse & Ms. Margaret Rouse

Pamela & Sean with Pamela's Mother, Judy Adams

Ms Kali Pappas and Mr. Rick Countryman


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