Sean & Pamela's
Very Merry Honeymoon Party!
Sunday May 20th, 2001

Biscuit & Bunny enjoy some champagne
at the SPVMWP reception (photo by J. Hesselink)


We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside.. the resort formerly known as "Dixie Landings"..our building was Lodge #37 (room #3762) it was really nice.. We didn't do much this evening but settle into our room.

A view from the bathroom..

The wardrobe where our TV and clothes are kept.. There's a nice seat bench to the left which reads "Sassagoula Trading Co." on the front of it.. photo's a little too dark.  There was room above to hang 4 hats.  We usually just stuck whatever hat we weren't wearing at the time there.

The beds were really neat, made to look like hewn logs & sticks.  You can see some of what it looks like in the plush photos that will be posted within the coming pages.

Brer Rabbit Shower Curtain.. the last vestige of DxL's former glory


Well that's about it for today.. don't worry, we won't be posting all the photos this way, as the graphics would take forever to load.

Check-in Trip Report