Sean & Pamela's Very Merry Honeymoon Party
Day:  1 Monday, 21st of May, 2001
Magic Kingdom
Whispering Canyon & Fantasia Gardens

Part of the Mural inside Cinderella's Castle

        First thing we did, was head over to Tony's Town Square for breakfast.  Delicious & wonderful service and wonderful surprises! =)

Pamela & Sean at our lovely table made up just for us newlyweds! =)

Tony's restuarant

Look at the lovely wallhangings!
(It's Lady & the Tramp of course!)

Sean's lovey Lady & the Tramp waffle (with fresh fruit on the side)

Pamela & Sean by the Lady & the Tramp fountain

Sean & Pamela meet up with Snow White

Other newlyweds out on their morning drive

A view of the Cinderella's Castle

Pecos Bill's Code of the West!
(and he makes a good fixin' bar too!)

        While riding on TTA (Tomorowland Transit Authority) we head through the tunnel and passed Walt's vision of the community of the future....

What Epcot *might* have looked like???

Tomorrowland from the TTA

Our Building.. Lodge #37... can you see the bunny grazing in our yard??? =)

        Since it was our first night on our honeymoon, we had made Priority Seating (PS) at Whispering Canyon, a fun family style restaurant at the Wilderness Lodge. The food is served family style, which means they bring it to you on a lazy susan and refill as needed.

Outside Wilderness Lodge

The size of Margaritas in this place! Incredible

The BBQ as served on our lazy susan..
(brisket, bbq pork ribs, bbq chicken, bbq turkey leg,
corn on the cob, potatoes, baked beans, and cole slaw.)

Sean plays with his extra long straw
(& manages to drink his ice tea in one sip! joking!)

; After a dinner like that, we needed to walk it off a little. What better way, than to head over to Fantasia Gardens for some miniature golf???

The entrance to Fantasia Garden

Sean lines up a shot

Sean shoots it into the mushrooms... and down to the next level

Pamela at the end of 18 holes.. "Yensid" does his magic

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