Sean & Pamela's Very Merry
Honeymoon Party!
Day 2: Tuesday, 22nd of May, 2001

        On our way to the foodcourt & lobby, Sean & I uncover some last vestige of our dear Dixie Landings.  Lucky for us, some CM was born in a barn.. and we were able to snap this photo before the CM came by.

"Port or Dixie"

click here for larger photo!
at the foodcourt.. the sign says it all

        Before heading to Epcot to say hello to our DL buddy Art, who works at un undisclosed location, we decided we would jump on the Disney Studios bus, then take the ferry over to MGM.

Sean next to the Billboard advertising Star Wars Weekends

The BAH (big @ss hat)
Can you see the Chinese Theatre???? We think not!!

A lovely advertisement for the Hollywood Tower Hotel... just down Sunset


        Heading over to Epcot, we enter through the International Gateway and passed lovely Canada. No time for Beaver Tails today though!  We have a 2pm PS for Le Cellier! =)

The lovely waterfall of the Canada Pavilion

Soil-free Plants!
Flower & Garden Show

"all creative endeavors have a beginning.."  Inspiration
Giant banner of Walt over near FountainView Cafe

Sean helps himself to some "Smart Watermelon" at Ice Station Cool

EPCOT ..the "big golf ball"

Meeting up with Art at Innoventions

        Heading out to the entrance gate, we come across the Character Cavalcade in Topiary form! Fun.. See if you can see these characters...

Mrs Potts & Chip

Belle & the Beast

John Smith & Pocahontas


        So after a little break, we headed over to Magic Kingdom for Early Entry...

Main Street USA deserted at 10pm

Another view from the Casey's Corner side

Main Street Cinema just had it's marque changed.. Atlantis Preview!


        Back at the room.. a surprise awaits us! They've played with our plush!

Biscuit with Bunny(left) and Floppy

another view.. this time Floppy is more visable

Mickey & Minnie settling down on their Bridal pillow


Tuesday TR