Sean & Pamela's Very Merry
Honeymoon Party
Day 3:  Wednesday, 23 May 2001

Sneak Preview of something you might see on a tv near you!

        Mickey is really inside this float made up to look like the "Mickey Through the Years" snowglobe.  In front of him were his dancing *Magical* magical brooms and a band.. check it out..

Dancing Brooms

            Our main objective.. meet up with Art to attend the opening of Magic Carpets of Aladdin. We got our vouchers at 8am sharp, and queued up near Adventureland.  I took several photos of the ride area & the merchandise being sold there. I really liked the tie-dye shirt they had, but it's not like you can buy everything you like! =)

Magic Carpets of Aladdin

Here we have some folks enjoying the ride
(this was the first group ever to ride it, and we were in the second group)

The View from the ride

A view from higher up!

Sean models some of the merchandise.. A magic lamp!

Various mugs they are selling

The t-shirts, (including the one I like on the left) and a magnet Sean is holding up

        Shortly thereafter we 3 headed over to the monorail to hitch a ride to the Poly for some breakfast. The 3 of us got Tonga toast... Read the TR! =)

Art looking like he's got something to hide
(monorail black glides by above!)

The new pool at the Poly is completed!
(complete with Volcano & waterslide!)

hmmm.. is there something missing here?? =)
(you can still see where it used to say "Epcot Center")

How many Hidden Mickeys Can you find? (if any?)

Back to Adventureland!

A yummy treat that can't be beat! (ack! did I really say that??)

closeup of our favorite treat in MK

back at Port Orleans Riverside.. The Colonel's Cotton Mill
(or as we call it, the foodcourt)

Sean in front of our building

Close-up of the Magnolia blossoms

        Over to Downtown Disney for some window shopping and ring shopping!  We did do a ring exchange for the wedding but our *real* rings were waiting for us at WoD! =)

In front of the Marketplace.. it's Mickey!

Our rings we picked out and put on hold for the next day or so

        My feet were killing me, so Sean dropped me off at the Lobby and I waited for him outside the Cotton Mill/foodcourt.  (isn't he wonderful???)

Sean heading across the bridge

Sean getting closer! =)

        After our drinks & dinner we headed back to the room where we stayed the rest of the evening, resting, watching the last episode of Voyager & chatting on irc for it was RADP chat night! =)

Biscuit looks confused over the double vision!
(Bunny is on the left & Floppy is on the right)

I guess you can only do so much with a perfect match...

        Special thanks to our housekeeping CM Teresa.. she did pretty darn good with the fancy towel creations (not pictured) she made in the bath & sink areas as well as playing with the plush we brought with us! =)

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