Sean & Pamela's Very Merry
Honeymoon Party at WDW!
Day 4: Thursday, 24 May, 2001

Mickey & Minnie cavort in the window of our room at PO-R

Another Bunny nibbling on the grass near our resort building

Off to Disney Studios...

entryway to the Animation Courtyard

The fastpass ticket area of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire? PLAY IT!"

Goofy giving autographs near the New York area (I think)

Rizzo-like rats go fishing for coins in the fountain near Muppets 3-D

Woody & Buzz give out hugs & autographs in front of AL's Toy Barn

Pamela can't come close to filling Audry Hepburn's shoes..

Shan-Yu and "Evil Bride" Mulan sign autographs

        And now for some yummy shakes & sandwiches at the Sci-Fi Drive In....

Outside the Sci-Fi Drive In

Sean models the convertible ouside the eatery

Inside the Sci-Fi Drive In restaurant..

Sean & Pamela get their photo taken in front of Rockin' Roller Coaster!!

And now.. off to Wide World of Sports to meet up with pal Thea & some minor league baseball! =)

Orlando Rays baseball Stadium at WWoS

Sitting a little bit up from Home Plate

Pamela & Thea (one of those self portrait things)

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