Sean & Pamela's Very Merry
Honeymoon Party at WDW
Day 5: Friday, 25 May, 2001

Animal Kingdom Lodge Restaurants
Animal Kingdom Lodge dining choices.. we had breakfast at Boma! =)

Inside the lobby of Animal Kingdom Lodge

Bruce aka: Zazu passing through one of the many lounging areas of the AKL Lobby

Sinks inside the ladies room at AKL

Lighting fixture inside the ladies rooma at AKL

Light Sculpture inside the gift shop

African themed bowls full of Mickey product (gift shop)

wonderful fireside chat area inside the AKL lobby

Lobby Area.. Masks atop the pillars

View of Animal Kingdom Lodge from Arusha Overlook
Animal Kingdom Lodge from the outside Savanahs

Hidden Mickey in the rocks

Little falls outside AKL

Hakuna Matata Playground

Biscuit in the lap of luxury

No smoking sign
"Animal Overlook" please DON'T feed the animals!!

Some of the interactive nature

Biscuit meets some of the animals


The AKL Pool (nice eh???)

Biscuit gets in on the pool action =)

over at "The Mara" the foodcourt area..

"Paw Print Brownie" at the Mara
(check out that cool digital menu board!)

Running into the Great "Passporter Dave" and Jennifer Watson
(outside The Mara)

Pop Century Resort.. (yeah the big bowling pins)

Floppy getting all of Teresa's attention today....


Since the fire alarm was going off and there was no way of telling if anyone was coming to our rescue any time soon.. I took out the evacuation notice from the back of the door and found a couple goodies back there...

Emergency Exit info
"Privacy Please"


        Now that we dealt with the trouble of the fire... It was time to drive over to the Contemporary where we would meet up with our pals Rob & Keith!  =)

The Contemporary Resort.. monorail passing through

Jiminy Cricket & Environmentality!


Rob cozies up in his living room.. er.. um.. yeah, righhhhhttt! =)

Sean holds the pager

"Gus" is just able to be seen during Spectro

Sean & Pamela Rouse (photo by Rob)

Rob,Joel,Keith, and Sean outside the "Pooh Patch" (Briar Patch)

Fantasy in the Sky (FitS)

Pirates (PotC) sign

Magic Carpets of Aladdin in a "sleep" (ie: closed) state

Friday Trip Report
updated: 06.04.01