Sean & Pamela's Very Merry
Honeymoon Party
Day 6: Saturday May 26th, 2001
(high graphics.. sorry!)

Star Wars Weekend at Disney Studios-MGM

Stormtroopers survey & heckle the crowds entering the park


        After playing "Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Play it!" we headed over to 50's Prime Time for lunch..

the outside of 50's Prime Time

The Checkin area at Prime Time

Dad's bar ("tune in lounge")

(sort of) "Hidden Mickey"

Sean in the 'living room'

The "Pinkeye ViewMaster"

our table

Pamela has her "Meeko Moment"

        Over near Star Tours the area is over-run by fanatics and characters of all kinds.  Many people had gotten their face painted, or came dressed as a favorite character.  Real entertainers dressed up as Luke, Lea, and others were there to sign autographs or cause trouble like the wandering Stormtroopers...

The Bounty Hunter

A naughty Jawa follows a leggy guest

Sean waiting for our bus back to the resort

Teresa almost out-does herself today!!! =)


        Later in the evening, we head back to Disney-MGM for Fantasmic! The sun is setting and the lights come on all over the park.

a Pluto sign

photos of the Fantasmic! arena..
(if anyone knows how I can fix this into one photo, let me know)

the water on fire

the Steamboat Willy riverboat (backside)

Some of the many characters (including Mickey as Steamboat Willie)


        Now it's off to the Magic Kingdom, where we will (hopefully) catch Spectromagic in it's complete & unblocked form! =)

The Parade begins! WDW Presents...


Mickey & his discoballs!

Tink flies into the window


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