Sean & Pamela's Very Merry
Honeymoon Party
Day 7: Sunday 27th of May, 2001

Breakfast,, Pin Hunt,, Paragon Challenge, Beaver Tails, and flight home

Sean does an impression of Meeko (Boatrights at PO-R)

Disney Quest (where I quested for a matching pin to my Disney Quest Chicago pin)

The Magical *Magical* pincart at the Boardwalk

a "pardon our dust sign"

the ferry to the International Gateway at Epcot

the Aztec pyramid at Mexico Pavillion

Minnie swings at the Flower & Garden Festival

click here for a yummy closeup!!
Sean holds our manna from heaven
(click image for close-up)


        Well, the Beaver Tail was the last thing we enjoyed before leaving the WDW resort. It was DEE-Lic-Ious!!!!  =)  Ahh.. if only we had a Beaver Tail stand out here in the Bay Area!

WDW gives you a fun & gentle reminder on your way out!
(yes this is also one of my favorite pins)

And now for photos having nothing to do
with our trip to the WDW resort...
(some of the views from our lovely new Southwest 30th Anniversary plane)

a view of the Causeway Bridge
(over Lake Ponchartrain in the New Orleans/Metairie, LA area)

Burlington Coat Factory in Kenner, La
(the one on Williams right?)

The desert over Arizona

The clouds rolling over the ridges & ranges

The sunset over the clouds

Gratuitous Cat Photos
(Popper, the cute neighbor cat greeting waiting for us by our door)

Popper trying to get into our (slightly warmer than outside) apartment!

Popper waiting patiently for his snack


Sunday Trip Report

Stay tuned for upcoming wedding & reception photos
(they have less Mickey but still should be fun!)