Sean & Pamela’s Very Merry Honeymoon Party May 20-27 2001

The cast:
Sean age 36
Pamela age 32 ½
Biscuit Meeko the stuffed raccoon
Brer Bunny, Biscuit’s stuffed buddy

May 20th, 2001 Sunday

         After a brief goodbye to Pamela’s mom and a sidetrip for sandwiches at Ralph’s Grocery,  Sean & Pamela head out to Irvine and then to LAX. The flight was scheduled for 10am and S & P made it in the 7th & 8th number (first boarding group).  The flight went from LA to Phoenix and New Orleans, and finally to Orlando. The flight was mostly uneventful but for the older fellow who sat in their row on the Phoenix to New Orleans leg.. where he kept clearing his lungs and waking Pamela up from some needed rest… And of course a little bit of turbulence between NoLa and Orlando.

Pamela here:
         Ok.. So we got to Orlando.. and headed out to the car rental counter after a very impatient passenger badgered Sean for having the audacity to take the time to remove our luggage from the overhead compartment.  I took personal joy as we drove away in our rental thinking this person was still watching the belt rotate with everyone else’s luggage but her’s.

         We got to Port Orleans French Quarter where we thought there was one check-in but there wasn’t; there’s still two.  So we went over to Riverside, (formerly Dixie Landings) and Sean went through the process of checking in.  I admit I got a little fussy when I saw that we were being put in building 37 but now can say I pretty much like it, as we have a bus stop near us and it’s pretty quiet. There was a bit of a walk from the food court but not anything we can’t handle.. I have to say we got pretty spoiled staying at ASMu where the walk was barely noticable.

         My crabbyness for not calling or faxing a few days out was short-lived, as we had a couple surprises waiting for us… Donna had left us a wedding present!! I opened it at our room and it was a super cute framed photo of Sean & I that she had taken at the BIG MEET last December.  It was wonderfully sweet of her!!  We love it!   Also, the CM who checked us in went back again and brought us a white chocolate looking wedding Mickey & Minnie wrapped in celophane and a gold ribbon.  I kind of thought it looked as if it had been ripped off someone else's wedding gift, but the sentiment was appreciated nonetheless! =)

         We found our room to be very nice, clean, and wonderfully themed. I was looking forward to seeing the Brer Rabbit shower curtains Rob (Sorcerer’s Apprentice) had told us about.  I took a couple photos so I would at least have that, as they don’t sell the curtains in the gift shop!  We spent some time packing and making our place more ‘homey’ including putting the photo frame up by the TV and setting the plushies up.. We brought our wedding Minnie and Mickey with us but they didn’t hang at the parks with us!  =)

*Special Note: We thought the room was a bit smaller than expected for being a moderate.  The room was well themed but the beds were only doubles and though the place looked very clean and well-appointed, seemed to have less space for movement than did our previous rooms at ASMu. Perhaps just an illusion, but this kept coming up through the trip.

         Well we were pretty hungry so we headed to the foodcourt with our Refillable Mugs and were able to get a couple orders of spaghetti with sausage.. They were out of side salads, it being around 11pm and told us to get the side salad from the little market area they have… I couldn’t finish my dinner though.  At the drink station they seemed to be out of ice and had a plastic bin set out full of melting ice that we used for our drinks.  I of course said to Sean.. “Is this sanitary??”  I could just see someone dipping his paws in there.

*Special Note:  I made a point of checking out the ‘drink policy’ at the Colonel’s Cotton Mill food court.  The sign posted on the fountain dispenser stated “Refillable Mugs only 9.95 free refills at Port Orleans Riverside or Port Orleans French Quarter.”  Ok, that’s it!!  Now it might be stated otherwise at other resorts, but that is what is posted at PO-R.  I took a photo of it and will post it if we ever get the photos developed. <grin> Moving on..

        The spaghetti we had was pretty good for food court food, the only negative to say is that the noodles were overcooked but Sean said this is because they sit in water all day.  The sausage was in a separate steam dish and I am wishing they did it that way at Plaza in, as it might save them money and provide me & others with more non-meat choices.. The only non- meat choice now is the marinara, and sometimes you just want alfredo sauce, but I digress.

        The walk back to the room was nice & peaceful and we checked out the pool and the closed bar which served the same drinks as the Co-op inside the Lobby.  At our room finally we settled down for our first night at Dxl/PO-R.  It was very comfortable! =)

DxL/PO-R room photos